What’s in the box!??!

What’s in the box!??!

We’ve been busy quoting the movie, “Seven”, (“What’s in the box!??!”) around these parts lately because we’ve been hard at work at…drumroll please…our upcoming subscription box model!!!!

You mean I’ll be able to get a box of your stuff showing up at my doorstep every quarter?

You’re damn right missy. We had an incredibly productive Zoom meeting with a former co-worker of mine that now runs his own consulting company, Rogue Bison Consulting, and they listened to all of our needs and came up with this. So, in the past month we’ve been hard at work figuring out all of the various components that are needed for this new venture. We’re still hard at work but we’re hoping to go live for pre-orders on October 1st (which only gives us 10 more days so I’m going to make this one a quick post) but here’s a little preview:

Doesn’t it look pretty!?!

We’ll make sure to let you know when the ordering page is up and running (on this very website) but in the meantime, here’s your weekly playlist. This week I firmly pulled from all the amazing music from Ted Lasso (or at least inspired by) which, fuck the critics, we love this season just as much as the first. Big ups go to Coach Beard for being an amazing dancer with a hula hoop. He’s the type of guy I used to gravitate towards at the raves I used to frequent in my late teen years because he looks like he’d just be SO much fun to dance with. Anyway, go check out our store as we added brand new Cocoa Butter lip balm last week that smells like cookies and is SO moisturizing for your lips. You won’t regret buying one. Or two. Or even three (hell, they’re only $3 a pop). Enjoy! – Laura

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