What makes The Ghost Generation different

What makes The Ghost Generation different

What makes our shit different? Maybe the fact that I wrote “shit” and should have written, “what makes The Ghost Generation different” but I’ve never been one to shy away from a good curse word. Anyway…

In an already saturated market, it’s hard to stand out. We’ve become experts in SEO only to fail to bring traffic to our Etsy store, so why not lay it out for all of our regular readers?

It all starts with good branding. In our case, we have our little ghostie. That represents how we feel about our personal place in the world. Outside of our business accounts, we’re not on social media and the, “Oh I forgot you weren’t on Facebook” line gets old REAL QUICK when you realize that no one picks up the phone just to chat anymore, yet everyone is on their phone ALL THE TIME. Society as a whole has also forgotten us Geriatric Millenials which is criminal because we’re the ones outside of the boomers that probably need the most help. We’re living in a society where you now can work a full-time job for minimum wage and not be able to afford an apartment in ANY state in the U.S. Good luck buying a house unless you have cash….a LOT of it. The birth rate is dropping because it is criminally expensive to raise a kid and god help you if you need to access childcare (monthly payments more than a mortgage anyone?!). Not to mention that many of us are cutting off all contact from parents that probably should not have raised kids at all (in my case, narcissistic parents who gaslit me from a very early age and an abusive father who, as Ryan Reynolds recently put it about his own father, “was a skin covered landmine you never knew when would explode.” Aaron’s dad just fucked off right when he was born AND sold the house his soon to be ex-wife and kids were living in without telling them – WE WIN THE PARENT AWARDS!!!). 

With all of that being said, we created The Ghost Generation as a community for people who had experienced some or all of these things, or were going through their own shit. We were here to tell you it was alright, that we understood and that we could provide an environment where you could “Be Yourself Defiantly.”

We were trying to fill holes in our own experience. Aaron started making plugs for his stretched ears because he wanted to learn the craft (turns out that a lot of people in those forums on social media are abusive fucks who get off on putting people down so it wasn’t worth the hassle). He then took what he had learned in that arena and started creating “little world” rings and necklaces, all with nickel-free or silver plated hardware, each one unique, meaning NO ONE in the world has the same one. In a time where everything seems to be generic and everyone has the same iPhone, we wanted to provide something that was special, that you could say was YOURS and yours alone. The keychains he makes are pretty rad too! 

I created bath and skin products that were safe for everyone because, while practicing self-care is laughable when you have two little kids, a full time job and a pandemic is raging on outside those four walls you call home, I felt it was important. The clean movement can be laughed at or brushed aside but it’s starting to become increasingly obvious that what we put on our bodies is not helping any of us, AND it may be causing cancer. I’ve said this before, but do you know what each of those chemicals listed on your body washes and shaving creams are? Seems like a lot of words that end in “ate”. The only ingredient I have in my bath bombs ending in “ate” is Polysorbate 80, a natural vegetable-sourced emulsifier that prevents the colored bath bombs from staining your tub (parents, you’re welcome). The rest of the ingredients can be found in your pantry. I make sure to source from vendors that create natural ingredients or ban phthalates as they may cause fertility issues down the road (how many people do you know who have had to do IVF or had a miscarriage?). Did you know the cosmetics market isn’t regulated so as long as companies put their ingredients on their packaging and if people can read those ingredients, they’re ok!? We blindly trust that big companies aren’t going to put ingredients in their products that will do harm but, hey, look at Johnson & Johnson and their talcum powder. Parents in the 80s and 90s blindly put that on their babies to stop diaper rash and it turns out it can cause cervical cancer.

So what makes The Ghost Generation different from any of the other natural or clean beauty products out on the market today? They’re beautiful colors made from naturally mined micas and food dyes, the names are bursts of pop culture from the past 30 years, and the jars (100% recyclable) and Ghostie bath bombs look damn good in your bathroom (perfect for Instagrammable moments – I mean, I wouldn’t know, but I imagine that’s what people on Instagram do). Our products are also affordable too. Nobody should be paying more than $20 for a sugar scrub, those are just greedy sellers looking to make loads of money from poor schmucks.

While presenting you with these products which are eye-catching and have rad product names and packaging, we are here for you. We want to hear your stories, we want to tell you you’re not alone, we want to be one of the few places that’s safe to go online nowadays, far, far away from the dumpster fire that has become Earth. It’s been a while since we’ve checked in and it’s not been just another sales blast. I wish it didn’t have to be like that but at the end of the day we are still trying to sell products and make a living, just like all of you. Some days are hard, some days we get small wins, and some days I’m at home trying to keep the kids from climbing the walls while Aaron is standing alone in our booth at a market. We’re grateful for all of the opportunities we’ve been given but we have our struggles too. At the end of the day you have to laugh because we’re still alive and in a position to do The Ghost Generation. However, if we can help any of you out there in Internetland, we would love to. You can comment below or you can send us an email at either [email protected] or [email protected]. Come be a part of The Ghost Generation, we’d love to have you. – Laura

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