The Ghost Generation is here because we are happily married, thirty-something parents of two amazing children who feel like this world is slowly turning us into (spoiler alert)…ghosts. Our toxic, fame-obsessed, materialistic, “always on” culture leaves us feeling disillusioned on a daily basis and it seems to only get worse as time goes on. Within our own walls it feels safe and sturdy, but every time we leave the house we feel more & more like aliens wandering aimlessly through a world we barely understand anymore. We’re always saying that there MUST be more people like us, and since we can’t seem to find anyone else talking about this stuff (openly and honestly at least) we decided to start our OWN thing. Goals? We’d love to help people who feel like us feel a little less alone, and grow this into a living (fingers crossed), but for now- we’re just gonna start writing and we can all see what happens together. Music, parenting, interviews, struggles, triumphs, TRUTH- all things awesome and all things REAL- everything we are, poured out before you- raw, open, honest, and riddled with profanity. You’re flooded with glee, we can tell. Thanks for playing along, and we promise to steadfastly follow the two rules our household lives by: Don’t be a dick, and don’t be an idiot.

AFHGhost1 & FemaleGG

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