What the world is coming to

What the world is coming to

Talk to anyone who is creating art and selling it and they have to source at least some of their materials. If you make bath bombs you’re not making your own baking soda from scratch, if you’re making earrings you’re more than likely purchasing earring wire in bulk, if you make necklaces I doubt you’re in a metal shop painstakingly joining circles of metal together to make a chain.

This is the way the world works – somebody makes materials, then sells it, then artists take this and make something from it.

I bring this up today because somebody on an Etsy sellers group on Facebook decided to accuse us of being scammers, saying we were wholesalers selling from China. First of all, it’s now become the norm to just do the online equivalent of coming up to someone and insulting them to their face for no apparent reason. It’s not accepted in social interactions and nor should it be accepted online but for some reason, people are emboldened to be absolute dicks online. So, with Aaron being the person he is, he decided to fight back.

Turns out this seller is not as squeaky clean as she’s coming off in this “community”

And the plot thickens. Upon further investigation, this seller had been posting in the Facebook group that she’d been having a bad week sale-wise, Etsy wasn’t generating the usual traffic for her store and she was asking people if they were having the same experience. Aaron had posted yesterday about our new candy earrings: earrings that were handmade but the CHARMS were sourced and so were the sterling silver earring hooks. I sat at our dining room table and had put all of those together with my own tools. I’m highly doubting that most people (and I say most people because there are wonderful artists out there making these charms that then sell them on) are sitting there casting their own resin gummy bears. Because of this, this seller decided to try and start a fight with us, calling for us to be removed from the group because we were scammers and wholesalers.

So we decided to go and check out her Etsy shop

She sells gummy bear earrings just like us so obviously had gotten her knickers all in a twist that we were selling something similar. Upon further investigation she’s ALSO selling a digital paper watch (one of her bestsellers in fact). Type “digital paper watch” into Google and guess what comes up? Wholesalers selling those fuckers for $0.30 each. Guess what she’s selling them for on her website? $35.84. I mean Jesus, anyone could look that up in less than five minutes. We fucking did.

You come at us for something we’re not doing but YOU KNOW you’re doing? Are you that fucking stupid?

If it was that easy to just take a REALLY cheap thing that we sourced online, sell it as our own on Etsy for a 1,000% profit, and giggle manically all the way to the bank don’t you think we would have done it? Oh wait, WE HAVE INTEGRITY.

Let’s just recap. You decided to start a fight with us. Not only are we not wholesalers but if you type in “gummy bear earrings” into Etsy, over 150,000 listings come up so it’s going to be a VERY LONG DAY for you if you decide to accuse all of those sellers of being wholesalers AND you’re actually doing the very thing you’re accusing us of. It’s astounding to me. But guess what – with screenshots and back up links we called this girl out on the group. Shockingly she hasn’t said a word in three hours because SHE DOESN’T HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON.

I am nervous and petrified of what the world is coming to. I’m not on social media, I don’t take pictures of myself and I don’t start fights with people. My mental wellbeing is not contingent on dopamine hits because someone liked something I posted. I read this absolutely horrific article about Facetuning yesterday which has me scared for the world my daughter will enter into in a decade and I’m powerless to stop it. The norm is now people who are allowed to be assholes because they’re under the cover of anonymity online but who would never dream of doing this in person because it’s just being a dick and you’d get slapped by me if you came at me unprovoked.

Here at The Ghost Generation, we’re trying to put some art and beautiful things out in the world, whether it be our homemade skin and bath care or our jewelry. Not once have we proclaimed that we make the chain and charms we use from scratch but we make necklaces and earrings from the parts that we order. I would hazard a guess that hundreds of thousands of Etsy sellers do the same thing.

Because I don’t create my own baking soda in my lab, does that mean my bath bombs are wholesale or that I’m a scammer? No, no it doesn’t.

And so, I’m ending our little cautionary tale today because it’s fucking Friday and I want to feel some joy this weekend. Moral of the story: don’t come at us if you’re not prepared for the fight. We’ll annihilate you because we’re smarter, faster and older than you. I may be 39 and you may call me a boomer (which Jesus motherfucking Christ I’m not by 18 years (again, did my research, you have to be born between 1946 and 1964 as part of the post World War II baby boom)) but you forget, I existed in a world before social media and I know how to take you out. – Laura

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