On the eve of Georgia reopening “vital” businesses such as bowling alleys and nail salons, I received this email from Salt Factory, one of our favorite restaurants:

We love you and miss you…but it’s just too soon. Thank you all so much for your support during this time. It means more than you know. The health and safety of our staff, our guests, and the community is of the utmost importance and therefore we will not be reopening our doors at this time. We are working every day to put together a plan that will enable us to serve you in our dining rooms again in a safe way. We will keep you updated and look forward to the day we can all be together again. In the meantime, WE REMAIN OPEN FOR CARRY-OUT AND CURBSIDE PICK UP every day from 4-8:30 pm. Little Alley and Salt in Roswell 770-998-0440. Salt in Woodstock 678-903-6225. Stay safe and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

How fucking novel – a business that actually cares about the health of its employees and customers. Can you please tell me what reopening a bowling alley is going to do, besides make Coronavirus spread even faster? Movie theaters are saying, how the FUCK are we going to reopen when movie releases have been delayed for months and we don’t have any safety standards in place because we’ve been left out here on a limb with no clear direction?

I get it – our governor, who is sucking on the teat of an idiotic president, wanted to please said president and so, in an effort to stop people from throwing protests due to their constitutional rights as citizens to roam freely on this earth and infect everyone with a virus for which we have no cure, he decided to open businesses where the virus could spread even quicker. The icing on the cake is that Trump then reneged on whatever praise he’d aimed at Kemp the day before the announcement and said he didn’t support the reopening of the state as it was too early.

Egg on your face, motherfucker

I get it, we live in the south. But just ONCE I wanted to not be the butt of the joke, the state that didn’t fuck it all up or cause the entire country to go into an even longer period of self-isolation because hey, everyone needs to fucking bowl right now.

If any Georgia businesses happen to stumble upon this humble little website, then please, follow Salt Factory’s example. Take care of your fellow humans and stay closed until wider Coronavirus testing is available. There are more important things than money and I swear you won’t give a damn about it when you’re using a ventilator to fucking breathe. – Female GG

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