Introducing Wandering Star, our NEW bath bomb!

Introducing Wandering Star, our NEW bath bomb!
Strawberry Juniper Bath Bomb
Our new Wandering Star Bath Bomb is now available on our store!

We have a new bath bomb in our store! After having an awesome Sunday at The Battery Farmers Market, we decided to make our “Farmers Market Special” a permanent thing as this bath bomb sold out! WANDERING STAR is absolutely gorgeous in real life: fuchsia glitter and pink dye scented like sugared strawberry mixed with mystic blue biodegradable glitter and blue dye scented like crisp juniper. One of our customers said it smelled like Pez candy and then promptly bought one!

As you can see in the video below, Wandering Star turns the water this pretty purple color so, while you’re lying there feeling like you’re in a Disney cartoon, you can also transform your skin and make it baby soft thanks to the Sweet Almond Oil in each of our bath bombs. Did we also mention that the Epsom salts can help with any muscle aches or pains?

I’m not sure about you but if you’re looking for a full relaxation experience, spending $5 to get that seems to be pretty cheap for everything you get from this new bath bomb. Just sayin’.

“Why should the mixing bowl get all the fun?!” (says your bathtub passive aggressively)

So why the name, “Wandering Star”? We always try and link our naming conventions back to something we love in music/movies/pop culture and this one is no exception. Named after (in my opinion but Aaron begs to differ) the best song on Portishead’s “Dummy” album this damn song still holds up decades later. If you love trip hop, if you don’t know what trip hop is, if you want to be aware of an absolutely perfect album or aren’t aware of the genius of this band, go listen on YouTube/Spotify/any streaming service you can right now.

In the meantime, go check out our new bath bomb listing here! – Laura

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