Why is it that pandemics can go on forever but not vacations? Hmmmm?

No answer? Yeah, I figured. Whatever, I always know that vacations come to an end, but I never actually prepare myself for it until the bitter end. Plenty of people would have probably called us idiots for even GOING on vacation this year but we fucking needed it…I mean really needed it…and we followed all the rules and stayed as safe as possible so I don’t really give a shit.

I’m sleeping just fine, thank you.

Our time in one of our favorite places in the world (Ormond Beach, FL to be precise) had to come to and end, and now that we’re home I figured I’d jump back into the fray. Jump might be a strong word right now, cause I’m not doing very much jumping right now- you must be quaking with anticipation wondering what I mean by that right?

Good! I’ll tell ya- I tripped over the track for the sliding door on our hotel room balcony on DAY FUCKING TWO of our weeklong vacation and…drumroll pleeeeeeease…I ripped my right big toenail the fuck off. Yep, the fucking thing was bleeding like and extra on Game of Thrones and I hit the thing so hard that the nail was standing straight up. It’s a nightmare scenario for me, cause shit like that fucking creeps me out, but I managed to not also pass out and I was able to get into an urgent care the next day.

Why the NEXT day? Cause Tropical Storm Isaias was careening past us and pretty much everything was closed for the day. No worries though, we had Band-Aids and paper towels so my wonderful wife took care of me like a live-in battlefield nurse and I lived through the night. Oh yeah, during all this shit we ALSO had company (a friend who recently moved to FL) AND our kids were going fucking apeshit cause they haven’t seen other adult humans in months so yeah- it was a little bit nuts.

Just before all hell broke loose. 🙂

I guess it really wouldn’t be 2020 unless chaos played a part in our vacation SOMEHOW, and we really did have a wonderful time in spite of the injuries, tropical storms, tantrums, and the positively bananas amount of Trump supporters lurking around every corner. Ormond Beach is a little sleepier than the more touristy spots, and there is something about the vibe that just makes us happy. The food is killer (you’ve not lived until you’ve eaten ANYTHING from Hull’s Seafood Restaurant, TRUST ME), the beach is phenomenal, and I’d pack our shit up in a heartbeat and move there if my wife had even the slightest light bulb of the idea glowing above her head. For real.

Something about the sound of the ocean, that breeze, and that smell of salt in the air just puts me at ease, which as you have probably figured out by now isn’t something I’m exactly known for. I know it’s probably wildly impractical to even think of it right now, but it’s hard NOT to think of getting closer to the things that give us peace right now. 2020 has fucking destroyed peace, and it’s not looking like roses anytime soon, so I guess a little over-fantasizing about beach life is a forgivable offense given the current climate.

Beats the tits off of all the constant existential dread, amirite?!

We had a super-rad and MUCH needed break, the kiddos were…as good as a two year-old and a five year-old can probably be on vacation, and I managed to not fully sever any limbs- win win! I’m still recovering and wrapping my head around the fact that I can’t hear the ocean anymore so I hope you’ll excuse my brevity. Our son also turned three yesterday so we came home and almost immediately had birthday festivities to contend with cause why not?! Anywho-there’s a lot of SUPER rad stuff in the works for The Ghost Generation which we’ll be sharing with you soon, but for now I’ve said all I care to say and I’m gonna get outta your hair. I hope you’ve all been hanging in there and getting through the days without severing any of YOUR appendages, and I’ll be back to bother you again expediently.


From vacation directly into birthday, not bad buddy.

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