Tiny Figures Product Photography

Tiny Figures Product Photography

Stuck in an Etsy search loop a few weeks ago, I was feeling down. How were we ever going to stick out from the competition? There are literally thousands of stores selling bath bombs on Etsy and, while that’s not all we do, I had no idea how we were ever going to get people’s attention. But, like all good ideas, it came to me in a flash: tiny figures product photography.

I grew up in England with a little brother who was obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine. We didn’t have George Carlin as the narrator but we did have Ringo Starr, riiiiiiight as he was in the thick of his alcohol addiction, so fun! The opening scene is what inspired our new direction:

This now seems a lot longer of an opening than it did when I was a kid…apparently we had more patience in the 80s.

I was always fascinated with those little figurines by the track and I thought we could maybe do something like that with our product photography. Here are some of the results:

The Ghost Generation Debris?! Bath Bomb Product Photography
“Em, do you think that twister’s going to hit our farm?”
“Henry, I’m hoping not but we’ve got to wake Dorothy up…and move these cows…”
The Ghost Generation Rainbow Boombox Bath Bomb Product Photography
“This is K-Rock 97-9 bringing you your summer rock jams. Up next, a new one from Van Halen, “Panama”. Rock out with your cock out.”
The Ghost Generation Solid Body Lotion Product Photography
“Hey! You guys! Thanks for waiting for me to get up there!!!!”
The Ghost Generation Steampunk Resin Keychain Product Photography
“Thank god this box was in the middle of the ocean otherwise we would have drowned….Deirdre, for fuck’s sake, get out of the ocean.”
The Ghost Generation Steampunk Resin Keychain Product Photography
“We’re going to have the biggest keychain ever at this year’s County Fair. Bet ya Bob couldn’t grow one this big…”
“Yes, dear.”
The Ghost Generation 1.21 Gigawatts Bath Bomb Product Photography
“Um, hey…it seems I’ve gotten stuck in this pile of coffee beans….anyone?!”

We’ll be adding more tiny figures product photography as time goes on so keep visiting our store to see the new additions. Happy Friday people! I hope you get to play like a little kid and enjoy yourself 😀 – Laura

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