The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist 8/16/21

The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist 8/16/21

Before we get into this week’s The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist, I want to pose a question:

What would you keep of your possessions if you were moving to another country?

It’s an interesting question because it makes you take stock of EVERYTHING. Do you need that SUV for your family of four? Do you need fancy china in a massive hutch that you use once a year but gathers dust the other 364 days? What’s the point of having a spare bedroom if no one comes to visit? Sure, you need basics: toiletries, food, entertainment, towels, clothes, a light by your bed so you can read (a book, not your phone).

As Americans we’re programmed to just keep buying, keep the machine going. The rush is there when you get “the thing” but that disappears extremely quickly as you move onto the next thing. No one lives a small life anymore (by choice). We’re taught to covet massive houses, big cars, designer bags (a bag is something to put a wallet in. It doesn’t matter if it has “Prada”, “Louis Vuitton” or NO label on it – they all serve the same purpose) but we’re all still miserable at the end of it. Incidentally, I just sold my Louis Vuitton bag, gifted to me by my parents after I had my daughter. It had sat on a shelf, a nasty reminder of the cruelness of my parents, and so I sold it to a resale site for, get this, $1,200. That money was used for us as a family and to buy my kids clothes for the new school year. You know, what that sort of money SHOULD be used for instead of hanging off my arm, stating fake importance.


Take stock this week. Importance is keeping your kids safe. Being with a partner who makes you laugh until you can’t breathe. Listening to good music. Watching an excellent TV show. Dancing around the kitchen making a family meal. If your kid is in school, put them in a mask. Place that pride in your back pocket if you don’t want to as that’ll be easier than watching your child get intubated and hearing the death rattle as they can barely breathe.

Keep our children safe.

We have NEW clean, beauty products with no cancer-inducing chemicals in them (because apparently sunscreens are being made with petroleum and benzene so not even those are safe anymore) coming soon to our shop. Keep an eye out for an announcement!!! In the meantime, here’s this week’s “The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist 8/16/21”, bookended by Terry Presume who’s pretty fucking awesome! Let us know what you think in the comments and have a great week! – Laura

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