The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist – 8/2/21

The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist – 8/2/21

HAPPY MONDAY!!! For those lucky ones, this week is the start of school and both of my kids are out of the house for the first time in weeks. Needless to say we’re getting lots done here at The Ghost Generation today and our first order of business is getting you “The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist – 8/2/21” right into your ears.

But first…


We’ve changed our whole Etsy store so that you now get FREE domestic U.S.P.S first class shipping throughout the U.S. ON EVERY ORDER! Not only that, but Aaron’s been hard at work these past few weeks on TONS OF NEW: Rings of every size, keychains and necklaces that are crazy detailed, crazy beautiful, and completely one of a kind. If you’re looking for a gift for someone or want to treat yourself, head over to our store now.

How gorgeous is this infinity ring?!

We’re also selling all of our rings, necklaces and keychains at the Smyrna Handmade Market every Sunday so, with that being said, if you love something in our online store, pick it up before we sell it!

One last announcement…

We’ve recently added a “Rind Me, Woman” Bath Bomb to go with our new sugar scrub of the same name so, whether you like taking showers or taking baths, you can smell like Sugared Lemon all day while transforming your skin. Click on the image below to be redirected to our shop:


And now onto our playlist for this week. Delightful old school choons from decades and decades ago that make me happy, starting with Harry Belafonte’s, “Jump In The Line” to get you going on this Monday morning. We’ll have a new category for you coming in the next couple of weeks which we’re SO excited to unveil but in the meantime, have yourselves an awesome week! – Laura

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