The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist 7/19/21

The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist 7/19/21

Another week, another Spotify playlist! This week I decided to go a little bit more chill than recent weeks. The pace that we’ve been working lately has been crazy, we need to sit still for a bit and this playlist has been helping out a lot. If you’ve been paying attention to our Etsy store this week, we’ve added a TON of new items to our collection. Aaron completed these GORGEOUS “little world” resin rings which are about 1/2″ in height, various widths and, for people like me who have fat, sausage-like fingers, they have an adjustable ring base. We’ve also added new necklaces in this style AND I made a limited edition, small-batch of a new fragrance, Blackberry Apple Cobbler, in both sugar scrubs and bath bombs. We only have 25 of each so make sure to get them before they sell out! Take my word for it, THEY SMELL SO FRICKING GOOD!

We’re also now going to be at the Smyrna Handmade Market every Sunday from 11-3 so if you prefer to buy these things in person and live in the greater Atlanta area, come by and say hi to Aaron!

Without much further ado, get ready to hit “play” on the below Spotify playlist (you can listen in full if you are a Spotify member) and enjoy your Monday morning shopping! – Laura

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