The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist – 5/17/21

The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist – 5/17/21
Apparently Aaron was taking a nap standing up before the Farmers Market started…silly boy

GOOOOOD MORNING! Oooooo, do we have a doozie of a The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist for you this week but first: We’re fresh off our first Battery Market and we had SUCH a good time yesterday meeting new customers and talking about our company. In fact, we’re in a pretty good mood this morning. We sold necklaces, earrings, bath bombs, scrubs, solid lotions and basically had a blast (and MAN, did those Rainbow Boombox Bath Bombs sell out fast! You can get your party in a bath here!). Turns out there’s a lot of people out there who are just plain NICE and we were reminded of how important face to face interactions are in the world when you’re trying to launch a business that you’re passionate about. It also helps when you’re handing out free Ghostie head fans so that your logo is floating everywhere around a packed Battery. FREE ADVERTISING!

As mentioned in social media posts last week, we are transitioning out of plugs for stretched ears and Aaron will be making new jewelry in the same artistic vein so we’re really excited about that. In the meantime, we’re putting all of our plugs on sale for 50% OFF THROUGH MAY 31ST!

So now’s your last chance to get one-of-a-kind beautiful thingies for those ear holes of yours

The Ghost Generation x Shopping Playlist for this week reflects all of those good vibes we received yesterday and as a welcome to our new customers, this one will make you dance your way through the week. Enjoy and THANK YOU TO THE BATTERY FOR THIS WEEKEND! Hope to see you at the June 13th Market (click here for more details)! – Laura

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