Good Morning you wonderful humans! That’s my way of being as inclusive as possible while also sounding like I’m one of those “Carpe Diem, Motherfuckers!” kind of morning people. Spoiler alert- I’m not. I’m more of a morning person than I used to be, but I think it’s just out of necessity. With two kids, “sleeping in” is a concept as far away as the Cheers* finale so you kinda get used to peeling yourself away from the sweet comfort of your bed before any rational human would want to.

I digress, I’m not here to write a full fledged post today. I’m just here to let you know that I’ve put together your weekly shopping playlist and it’s ready to roll! Making playlists is one of my favorite things in the whole world, so much so that it’s SUPER hard for me to keep them short and sweet. I’m trying, this weeks list could have EASILY ended up being enough music to last you until the sun burns out but I think I toned it down to a manageable level for all of us.

Wait, you CAN’T listen to 1,347 songs while shopping on a Monday morning?!

This edition is a fairly comprehensive snapshot of who I am, musically speaking, and if you’re like us and your tastes are ALL over the map this will be right up your alley. This is how I listen to music too, you’ll rarely catch me locked in to one single genre or whatever the fuck you want to call it, I like to switch shit up. So there you have it folks, crank it up and pour a cup of coffee, light up your morning joint, or go hide in the bathroom at work with your headphones- whatever your deal is, just enjoy some rad music and while you’re at it- head over to the shop and find your new favorite thing. From bath & skincare products to rad jewelry, we’ve got something for everyone as long as they like rad stuff. Monday sucks, but I hope we helped make it a little less sucky. 🙂

*Cheers was a long-running television show in the 1980’s starring Ted Danson and a colorful cast of characters all centering around a bar in Boston. I figured SOMEONE reading this might be of an age that would lead them to say “what the fuck is Cheers?” so I thought I’d cover all the bases. Interesting factoid- I grew up watching Cheers, I’ve watched it multiple times in my adulthood, and it was only two short years ago that I realized it was set in Boston. Never had a clue, and I grew up in the Midwest so maybe I just always assumed it was set in Chicago. Yeah, I know- I’m awesome.



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