Happy Monday is such a stupid thing to say. Seriously, it really is. Most people fucking hate Monday, cause it means the weekend is over and it’s time to head back to that fuckin’ job, carpool the kids to school, whatever the drag may be. I get it, so instead of trying to shove cheer down your throats let’s just say “it’s Monday” and move on.

Your shopping playlist is ready to roll for the week (scroll to the bottom), and in true AFH fashion it’s all over the map. I’m kind of an obsessive when it comes to making playlists so I challenge myself each time to make it a comprehensive snapshot of who I am, musically speaking. So, you’ve got some top-shelf hip hop here- one of my fave DMX (R.I.P.) deep cuts, savagely cool shit from Tobe Nwigwe, and some SUPER dope newness from Talib Kweli too. There’s some INSANELY rad new music from Zao in the mix, a little Svalbard, and some super-obscure post-rock/black metal from Year of No Light that you should ABSOLUTELY let your ears absorb. I also threw in a rad track from my old friend Shane Arden’s new project 7274’s – Shane is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever known, and he’s also got a ton of stuff on Spotify from his other project Honest Pod that you should definitely digest as well. Interesting factoid- Shane and various members of Honest Pod are also my former bandmates from one time or another. I was a total trainwreck back in those days (long before I called the ATL my home) and they were vastly better off without me tripping on acid and ruining everyone’s day with fits of self-loathing, but we had a little fun here and there. As evidence that I am, in fact, a semi-capable musician I’ve also included a track from a band I was in for a little while from 2007-2009 ish, Code Atom. This one’s called “Hello Halo” and it still stands as one of the raddest songs I’ve ever written.

I’ve got a full album I recorded back in 2011 too, it’s an instrumental/guitar-based concept album (yeah I know, sounds lame but I had a rad story to the whole thing) and due to all KINDS of shitty circumstances it never saw the light of day. I’m thinking I might get it out one of these days soon, I’m really proud of it and if enough of you guys start paying attention it might be cool to have some humans finally hear the god damned thing. Stay tuned.

Anywho, see- even just TALKING about a playlist unleashes my instinct to blather on like a dork, so I’ll let you go on about your day. I hope you enjoy this week’s music and just FYI- Saturday May 1st we are running a HUGE sale on ALL of our plugs (for stretched lobes). For one day only, all of our plugs (excluding custom orders) will be 50% off! That’s a big one, so gather up some favorites, drop ’em into your cart, and get ready to save a shitload of money on Saturday.

Saturday May 1st, ALL of these will be 50% off!!!

Bye for now, go shop and have an “as rad as possible for a Monday” Monday. 😉



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