Howdy humans! We’re doing these a little later in the week now, gotta keep you on your toes after all. Hope you’re having a good week, despite all the human misery on the news every minute of every day there actually IS something to be at least a LITTLE stoked about- Fall!!! Yeah, I’m one of THOSE people. I wait all year long for hoodie weather, lit fireplaces, and impending Christmas decoration day, and when it gets here? It rules. I don’t lose my shit about pumpkin spice, I might not rock a ton of cable knit sweaters, but Fall kicks ass.

With that in mind, this week’s playlist is simple- it’s the stuff I listen to when the leaves start changing. I’d be willing to bet most of us have at least a FEW of these in common, or maybe I’m just hoping I’m not the only weirdo with seasonal music preferences beyond the Christmas variety.

Nothing changes how weird you are.

Especially not pretending to talk to myself in written form! I digress, the days are getting shorter but luckily hot chocolate and marshmallows aren’t one of the things in the empty parts of the grocery store so I think we’ll get through it. We’re at the Smyrna Fall Jonquil Festival this weekend and we’d absolutely love to see your lovely faces (nice segue)! It’s a big event and it hasn’t happened in two years so it’s gonna be a super-rad weekend. Grab the details over on the Events page and come out for food, all kinds of awesome vendors, and tons more! Oh yeah! We’re going to be doing a “gotta be there” giveaway for a gift box, so consider that your friendly bribe. Happy Wednesday Ghosties!


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