It’s a funny thing in this line of work, you get bombarded by people wanting you to check out their game, or listen to their band, or read their article and you know what? I do it. I do it every god damn time, it might take me a few days, but I do it. Why? It’s simple- it’s because I know what it’s like to get ignored. I know what it’s like to get rejected, and I know what it’s like to sit my your phone waiting for a response that never comes. It’s shitty, and it’s rude the way people blow you off, and I’d rather be the guy who gives people a shot than just another asshole who thinks he’s hot shit.

The universe is WAY too good at taking me down a peg for me to have an ego.

I say all this, because I got an email a little while ago from a PR company I’d never heard of, about a bunch of BANDS I’d never heard of either. A lot of people would probably just delete it, if they even looked at it in the first place, and I know that’s true because I worked in the music industry- bunch of assholes, 97% of them anyway. Not me though, I read it and I replied to it, and I told the guy that I’d check the bands out and see if I wanted to do a piece on any of them. It took me a few days but I did what I promised and spent some time listening to each band.

It was all solid stuff, but a few of the bands REALLY stood out. I am committed to only writing about topics/bands/games/etc. that I am passionate about and have direct experience with so I drafted some interview questions and sent them off to the bands I thought were exceptional so I could do a feature on each of them.

In a shocking turn of events, I got a band’s reply ON TIME. I know, breathe.

The first of the pack to jump in on this was Denver’s Rozu. Rozu describe themselves as “post-hardcore” but they’re definitely on the heavier side of the equation- in a good way too. They’ve got a really well-rounded sound and they rise above their influences to have a unique voice in the modern metal/hardcore landscape which is NO easy feat in itself. The fact that I might not have heard of them without this random PR email really bums me out too, cause this is a band that needs to be heard. Plus, they seem like a rad bunch of dudes, and this world needs as many non-shitty people as it can get out there making art. So throw on your cardigan, light a fire, and sit down in your easy chair for a glorious fireside chat with Rozu:

(AFHGhost1) I’m legit upset that I hadn’t heard of you until your pr guy hit me up, I fucking dig the shit out of your shit! For a self-professed “post hardcore” band you guys sure as fuck get heavy!

(Rozu) Thanks man! We ride a fine line of the heavy side of post hardcore and full on metalcore.

Yeah, you guys are kind of all over the map, but it works. What are your big landmark albums/bands that shaped your sound? I can hear a little Cave-In, dashes of Meshuggah, and even some super-old school VOD (Vision of Disorder) in the mix. Not fucking bad.

It is kind of all over the board, when we were writing for these singles we were listening to a lot of Like Moths To Flames, Plot in You, and Wage War. Another huge influence of ours as individuals and as a band is Underoath.

Underoath! Yeah, you can’t really say “post-hardcore” without mentioning those guys for sure. So, back to you guys- It’s no secret that there’s like 10 billion heavy bands out there right now, and so many fucking splintered genres it’s far past comical. You guys seem to have an edge, cause you have elements of damn near everything in your melting pot. What do you think makes you guys stand out?

I think our diversity itself really helps us stand out. With the singles so far you wouldn’t really guess us as a post hardcore band but that is what is beautiful about the genre is that it is meant to be very vast. Outside of just our music we spend a lot of time on our branding and our singles approach while continuing to write this album. People see our work ethic and our fans appreciate how we don’t write the same song formula over and over again.

That’s a really respectable approach, you gotta really work hard these days more than ever before to get noticed. The way you’re sort of trickling out singles is a great way to keep people interested, and it certainly helps that the songs are really fucking great.

So Denver, eh? I’m jealous, is it still awesome walking down the street with blunts sTicking out of your ears or has the novelty worn off? If they legalized weed in Atlanta you’d see me running down peachtree st. flying a kite made of nugs while wearing a loincloth made entirely of joints.

For sure, the tourism aspect of the marijuana industry is still there and people kind of take it too far sometimes which is comical. Being a resident it is just kind of normal being able to go to a weed store just like a liquor store.

I’m pretty sure I’D be the guy taking it too far! I just realized that my wife and I were in Seattle post-legalization and I didn’t even ONCE go buy legal weed. I’m fired. So what’s next? You guys have some singles on Spotify and it sounds like an EP is in the works. When can we fucking hear this shit?

Yeah, so we essentially wrote an album, scrapped it, wrote the EP which turned into our singles, and then wrote basically two more albums to get the best album we could possibly get. We are going to be doing all the vocals and the rest of the production on the album in February so who knows when we are actually going to drop it but, we do still have a small handful of singles to release in the upcoming months. You’ll be one of the first to know our next single ‘Fading’ comes out in December.

That’s fantastic, we love insider information around here. I’m super stoked for the album, what about shows? You guys need to come to Atlanta, we have a really rad metal/etc. scene around here. It ebbs and flows but we seem to crank out consistently innovative shit. You guys would do well here. What’s in store for the rest of 2019 into 2020 show-wise?

I personally love Atlanta and have gone through there with previous projects. Right now we are really diving deep into booking more tours March-May in 2020 and the South East is for sure on our radar to get to!

Excellent, we’ll have to keep in touch so I don’t fucking miss the bus when you guys come to town. I have kids so I can go from “in the loop” to “totally fucking clueless” in like .02 seconds. Now for some fucking around- what metal subgenre annoys you the most? What’s mine? That scene-hair shit that was all the rage in the MySpace days but somehow still exists in 2019. Band names usually had like 12 words and they were all about months on the calendar.

I don’t know really. We kind of lost sight of subgenres and really just take the music for what it is, being music. The thing that really annoys me is with those bands you’re talking about following a trend and almost trying too hard instead of letting their inner creativity really take the reigns on their art. As we mentioned, before the genre is extremely oversaturated and you can really tell who is there just to “be cool” and write open ended songs with no meaning or heart.

Couldn’t agree more, bullshit is easy to smell- like a fart in a car. Being true to your art, really committing to it, is the only way to endure in this day and age. Otherwise, you might catch your “15 minutes” but it won’t be much more than that. So many bands come and go, but you guys have what it takes so don’t fuck it up!

Since you’re from Denver, what are your top 5 strains of weed? If you’re straight edge, since I didn’t check on that specifically, feel free to tell me your top 5 favorite sparkling waters instead.

(Laughs) Yeah I have no idea to be honest. Those of us that do smoke love the Indicas for the calming aspects because we are all a bunch of driven workaholics. I will say though that if I come across some Girl Scout Cookies I will buy as much as I legally can.

Speaking of sparkling water though Peach-Pear La Croix is the absolute greatest thing ever created. (Laughs)

I can’t wait until 2197 when it’s legal in the South, so I can pick and choose between indicas and sativas. Right now it’s “whatever’s in the bag” so I’m ready for Georgia to catch up to the thinking world. I also can’t let it go unsaid that Peach-Pear LaCroix is NOT the greatest thing every created, that shit tastes like hairspray and you need to see a doctor to find out what’s wrong with your taste buds. Fuck man! Berry LaCroix is where it’s at, Coconut is pretty rad too. Christ, this is the LEAST metal conversation ever. Awesome.

So this has been absurdly fun and I’m really stoked to see what the future holds for you guys. Keep at it, keep working hard, and keep staying true to your vision and you’ll be golden. Like I said, the music world needs as many non-assholes as it can get. I really appreciate this and I’m excited for the readers to check you guys out now too. Speaking of The Ghosties- tell ’em where they can find you on the interwebs, and thanks a ton for playing along with my bullshit. I’ll be keeping tabs on you guys in a non-creepy manner!

Dude thank you for having us this was a blast! You can find us on every streaming site. To be better connected with us follow us on Instagram @rozu_official and for all things Rozu head to and join our mailing list.

Huge thanks to the guys from Rozu for putting up with my shit, and thanks to Andrew with Rogue PR for introducing me to them too. You can also harass Rozu on Twitter here, and on YouTube here. They’re great guys and a killer band so reach out and tell them you found them here!


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