Look, to say I was completely stoked out of my fucking mind to do this interview would be perhaps the greatest understatement in human history. Propagandhi are one of my favorite bands of ALL-TIME, one of the greatest punk bands of ALL-TIME, and I’ve had massive respect for them for YEARS because of all they do to make the world a better place.

Todd’s the one making “come hither” faces in back.

So yeah, I figured it would be a shot in the dark but I reached out and was extremely fortunate to get in touch with Todd Kowalski (bass) and he was down to put up with my shit for a while. Todd’s not just the bassist for one of punk’s most activist-minded and fiercely accomplished bands, the guy is an insanely talented painter/artist and to top it all of he’s a super-nice dude too. Maybe that Canadian stereotype is true after all!

If you haven’t listened to their latest album “Victory Lap” yet I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with you but it’s severe and must be rectified immediately.

The rest of Propagandhi (Chris Hannah somehow sings AND plays this shit on guitar at the same time, Jordens Samolesky’s (drums) feet somehow get faster as time goes on, and newest member Sulynn Hago shredding right alongside Chris) are insanely talented too, and over the course of their 25 + years-long career they’ve outdone themselves on every album, they’ve helped to shine light on causes and issues all over the world that the mainstream media ignores completely, and they’ve done it all without picking from ANY low hanging fruit in the process. They walk the walk, they STAND for something, and I’m honored that I got to speak with Todd about the band, the coronavirus, black metal, and all kinds of other super-nerdy shit for almost an hour.

Chris REALLY seems to love that Final Conflict shirt. He must use Tide.

So, in the spirit of “don’t bore us, get to the chorus”- here’s The Ghost Generation’s interview with Todd Kowalski from Propagandhi. Enjoy, Ghosties- and stay tuned for MANY more where this came from!


The Ghost Generation X Propagandhi Interview

You can find Todd on Instagram, which you should do expediently so you can see that gorgeous art for yourself. You can find and annoy the band on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook AND you can listen to them on Spotify. You can also buy their music with actual money, check tour dates, and bother them on their official website too. There’s probably more, but you can figure out the rest.

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