Month #5. Here’s where we ended up by the end of May:
Card: Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card
May 1st balance = $3,384
May 31st balance = ZERO!!!!

One down, something like 15 left to go!!!!

Card: Care Credit
May 1st balance = $1,394
May 31st balance = $1,348

Total consumer debt still owed: $47,169 (was $49,184)

Had a KILLER fucking month paying off the BofA. This staying at home malarkey has saved us so much money across the board including groceries, gas, and daycare has also gone down significantly since our girl’s no longer full time and we’re now on a pay-to-play basis for summer. Because of that, I’ve been keeping Roo out of daycare as much as I can so we can throw money at debt. We’ve also managed to get our groceries down to $150/week, I’ve filled up my tank of gas ONCE since March and we’ve been keeping inside. When you don’t have anywhere to go you can’t spend money on activities. Turns out, kids love play-doh and legos and AFH and I love our Nintendo Switches and rewatching Parks & Rec, New Girl and The Office.

Care Credit is swimming along and we’re alternating between paying it off and paying off a medical bill we got when AFH went to the doctor’s for a checkup for Chantix. Good news, we haven’t had a cigarette in over two weeks. Bad news, they charged him $175 for that appointment. The healthcare system in this country sucks balls.

SO, moving on:

Card: Banana Republic Visa Card
May 31st balance: $9,449
How did we get here: This card was opened when we had a tiny baby and we were sleep-deprived. AFH needed a suit for some awards dinner thingy and we were conned into opening up a visa credit card (you can also use it at Gap and Old Navy, etc.!). The APR is terrible (27.49%) and this got away from us as we initially used it to pay daycare to get Gap rewards but then didn’t always pay it off every week. We had a good thing going for the past few months where they would stop the minimum payment AND refund the interest accrued the previous month but, after calling today, they’ve (they being Synchrony Bank) stopped all that and tried to pretend that it never existed. When I called attention to my account and the previous months that they’d refunded, they said, “Oh. Yes. We DID do this but the new program doesn’t do this anymore.”

So, shady motherfuckers.

My anger has chosen that this is the next card to be paid off so I don’t have to deal with these people again. Wish us luck and on that note, keep saving! – FemaleGG

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