Month #6. Here’s where we ended up by the end of June:
Card: Banana Republic Credit Card
June 1st balance = $9,449
June 30th balance = $9,654

Card: Care Credit
June 1st balance = $1,348
June 30th balance = $1,304

Total consumer debt still owed: $51,911 (was $47,169)

So, in other words: EPIC FAIL

As we can’t go anywhere this summer, we decided to get our backyard done. It had been a dirt pit for almost four years and we finally bit the bullet and got some nice grass. Nice grass, for those of you who don’t know, is fucking expensive, so the $4,000 jump in the debt still owed is that which we are paying off as quickly as humanly possible. However, on the bright side (because there’s not a lot of that around lately), our kids now have an oasis to play in and it makes me happy to see them running around giggling so to me, it’s worth it. The Banana Republic card wasn’t used this month but that’s what the interest payment amounted to (the $200 difference).

Like I say to my kids, “We’ll try again tomorrow.”

While our financial outlook wasn’t the greatest in June, it looks like Canadians are setting up the next generation to actually understand this stuff. Ontario elementary schools will now teach financial literacy and coding to first graders which is absolutely fantastic because it sets them up with actual skills they’ll need for whatever world they’ll be joining after their education. You can read the article here. I urge all American parents reading this to start teaching your children about money early on as well – be transparent, be calm, let your children know the value of things. If anything, it will set them up for more success than you were given. – FemaleGG

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