Month #7. Here’s where we ended up by the end of July:
Card: Banana Republic Credit Card
July 1st balance = $9,654
July 31st balance = $9,594

Card: Care Credit
July 1st balance = $1,304
July 31st balance = $1,044

Total consumer debt still owed: $51,911 (was $51,646)

I’ve been AWOL for a lot of this month on here. Life is a series of not so nice encounters out in the world plus trying to keep my sanity at home AND work as hard as I can in my job so I hold onto it. It’s a lot sometimes. So, while all this was going on, we were making sure bills were being paid, the house was clean, everyone was fed and we didn’t really have a lot of money left over after all of that.

However, that’s about to change…

Our five year daughter will officially be done with daycare on August 14th. Our school district is going with the virtual learning option for the foreseeable future (and THANK GOD because to make that decision now on whether to put her in school or keep her out felt like a huge crushing weight). That also means that as of August 17th, we won’t be paying $200 A WEEK for her as we have been doing since she was born and I went back to work.

So the question remains: what would you do with an additional $800 per month? Our answer is easy: pay off debt as quickly as possible and keep going the way we have been – pretend like it’s not even there so that we’re not tempted to spend it. I’m interested to hear what YOUR responses are so please comment below! AFH and I will be AWOL for the next week but we love you Ghosties and hope you’re all keeping safe and wearing a damn mask. – FemaleGG

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