Month #4 and into our second month of self-isolating at home. Here’s where we ended up by the end of April:
Card: Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card
Apr 1st balance = $3,577
Apr 30th balance = $3,384

Card: Care Credit
Apr 1st balance = $1,744
Apr 30th balance = $1,394

Total consumer debt still owed: $49,184 (was $51,117)

The world is a very strange place right now, but you don’t need to read this blog to know that. The unknown is something I have to keep at bay because I can’t do anything to change ANYTHING that’s going on in the world. I have my dark moments but I’m trying to let the light shine in where possible. We’ve been keeping Ruby home a couple of days a week as she officially becomes a school-age kid May 21st and daycare might not be an option for us until the school year starts in August. That’s definitely going to be interesting…at least she doesn’t ask me to join her in the toilet every time she needs to go like her baby brother. My god, I won’t miss wiping asses.

I have the same missive as last month – save as much as you can. Go through your monthly expenditures and see where you can cut bills. We managed to cut our monthly grocery bill by almost $200 in April because we took advantage of the order online/pick up option and because I see everything I’m putting in the cart I’m not impulse buying. It’s fucking fantastic!

And if that’s what’s making me excited nowadays then you know how pathetic this Coronavirus has made me…

I’m also not getting notifications anymore from my Albert app stating, “Did you know that you’ve spent over $50 at Dunkin Donuts in the past two months?” That’s nice as I don’t get the spending guilts, mostly because I can’t leave my house except to take walks around the neighborhood and listen to Justin Long’s podcast, “Life is Short.” Looking down the barrel of at least another month of this, my advice to you is the same – don’t get stuck spending money you might not have in another couple of months and ignore the clutter that is known as impulse shopper emails. No, you don’t need to be spending $100 on that outfit from Free People when nobody is seeing you wear it for fuck’s sake. – Female GG

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