Happy Almost Friday, Ghosties! It’s been a busy week around here while we get ready for the pop-up this Saturday at The Red Letter Merchant in Newnan, GA (details in the Events tab up top) and we’re super-stoked to get out there and meet some new faces!

I mean, new PEOPLE. Everyone’s existing face is totally fine.

In the meantime, I’ve got some ULTRA rad news to share with you guys! I finally finished up the first batch of our brand-new product line- keychains! When we made the decision to pivot away from plugs for stretched earlobes I had already pretty much decided on these (and another one too, coming soon!) so I’ve been working my ass off the past couple weeks to get these ready to roll.

Here’s where my head’s at- why make art for one small section of humanity when I can make the art I love to make in a format that almost ANYONE can enjoy? Sure, I have stretched lobes and I loved making them. But, unfortunately the online community where I did the bulk of my promotion was pretty fucking toxic in that world, and I got sick of getting abused just for trying to offer people pretty things. No bueno, time to move on!

Abusing artists, that’s GOTTA be peak 2021 right?

I’m incredibly proud of this work, it’s my best to date and now ANYONE can experience it. Mixed media with TONS of dimension, texture, and shimmer all painstakingly layered by hand to create looks you won’t find anywhere but The Ghost Generation. There’s a ton more to come too, but the first batch is live RIGHT NOW on the shop, and here’s a taste:

So there ya go! I hope you guys dig these cause I REALLY want to keep making them, so head over to the shop to snag yours now and I hope I’ll see you this Saturday at The Red Letter Merchant!!!


The Ghost Generation

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