Happy Tuesday, Ghosties! I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done today and I’m pretty stoked about it. Nothing huge, but it’s those little, annoying admin “to-do list” type things that stack up and become SUPER annoying “to-do list” type things so knocking ’em the fuck out is always rad. You’re probably sitting there thinking “who gives a shit about this guy’s to-do list?”, and you’d be right. Who the hell DOES care about my to-do list?

Speaking of my world-famous to-do list, on yesterday’s list was dropping a few new things on the shop. Since ALL of you don’t follow us on social media, which you 100% should BY THE WAY, I figured I’d give the world the shop update they’ve been waiting for! Sarcasm: It’s What’s For Brunch!


You guys seem to dig stuff that’s shaped like cats. I’m more of a dog person, but I get the energy. You guys also seem to dig out KittyKitty earring & necklace sets so I made a new one the other day. It’s blue, it’s glittery, and it’s up on the shop now- just go to the listing and select the “Blue Glitter” variant. Shine on, you crazy Mittens.

Puppies don’t need litterboxes, just sayin’.


Like I said, I’m more of a dog person. I love my puppy, I don’t have to love yours but I probably would, and puppies are just awesome. That couldn’t have been a grammatically correct sentence but I don’t care at the moment. Since we’d hate to exclude the OTHER most awesome four-legged fuzzbuckets we let loiter around our house all day, I ALSO made a Blue Glitter PuppyPaws set. It’s on the shop right now, and if you want a custom set in a different color, with different fillers, etc. just click on “Request Custom Order” from the main shop page (or DM us at the shop) and we can make whatever the hell you want!

Puppies. <3


I’m COMPLETELY sick of winter. I love hoodies and comfy socks as much as the next person, but this shit has LONG worn out its welcome. Are people still saying “Bye, Felicia”? Cause if so, I’d like to say it to winter. I don’t think people are though, so just replace it with whatever cliche happens to be spewing from our idiot talk holes these days.

Anywho, I’m ready for warmth and green stuff, so I decided to make a couple necklaces that looked spring-y. Spring-ish? Whatever, you get it. These two beauties are one-of-a-kind and ready to be yours now!

See, this is making me want popsicles but it’s COLD.


These are dope. No, seriously, these are DOPE. I love working with alcohol ink, it can be fickle and chaotic but when it goes off JUST right it’s awesome. These did exactly that, I was shooting for a subtle gradient shift from pastel blue to purple and that’s exactly what I got! These diamond-shaped dangle earrings (w/sterling silver hangers) have inky radness to spare and they’re waiting for you on the shop right now!


Out of all the things I’ve made, and out of all the ideas I had when we were launching the shop, I would have never in a million years guessed one of our most popular items would be my Duck Plugs. But, here we are! The thing I would have assumed like one person in the world might have appreciated has actually been our most frequently ordered item, and I’m completely OK with that. They’re fun as hell to make, they always turn out awesome, and you guys are stoked on them- they’re fantastic! And, since you guys like THOSE so much, I decided to start making Aquarium Plugs too! I can’t front, I think they’re super-adorable, and they’re just as fun to make as the Duck Plugs. To make things easy for you guys, both the Duck & Aquarium Plugs have custom listings on the shop as of yesterday! Now, instead of messaging the shop to get them started you can just dive right in and get it done. Select your size (1″ – 2″), custom color options (for the Aquarium Plugs), and you’re off to the races. Michael always told Dwight “keep it simple, stupid” so it’s good enough for me too.

Come on, you know these are stupid cute.
Can shimmery purple jellyfish be a real thing please?

So there you have it, some new stuff for you to check out and it’s only Tuesday! We’re also hard at work on some top-secret news things we’re going to be offering soon but my other half has sworn to kill me with her bare hands if I leak our plans so it’s “hush hush” for now. Don’t ask, cause I don’t want to die. I jest, there aren’t any murder ultimatums floating around our house, but it IS top-secret shit so stay tuned and when we’re ready to unveil you’ll be the first to know.

Don’t forget, if you’ve recently favorited something on the shop you’ll be getting, or have already gotten, a coupon for 20% off your next order. It’s the least we can do to thank you for checking out our shop, we appreciate your support and now I will shut up and give you back your day!


The Ghost Generation makes rad jewelry for equally rad people. Also, we write stuff occasionally. Est. August 2019.

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