Our Seasonal Subscription Box Launches TOMORROW!

Our Seasonal Subscription Box Launches TOMORROW!

Starting tomorrow at noon EST, you’ll be able to sign up for our brand spanking new Seasonal Subscription box (products in image are a representation of what we’ll be offering)!!! We can’t tell you how excited we are to finally bring this to fruition but we’ve both been hard at work building a subscription website over the past few weeks. Each seasonal box, starting with Winter 2021, will contain seasonal appropriate bath and skincare products, apparel, keychains/jewelry/magnet kits and a little Perler Ghostie so you can take him on some fun Instagram adventures (like we’ve been doing with ours). For only $59.99/quarter, you’ll receive a box that, when all the products are priced separately, retails for between $85-150 which are HUGE savings passed on to you!

I’m on board! So, how do I sign up?

Keep an eye on our website tomorrow as a new tab will appear at the top of the page labeled “SUBSCRIPTION BOX”. Click there and you’ll be introduced to our Subbly store where you’ll be able to start your subscription, get more information on the box, and also be able to purchase our white hoodie and black flexfit cap as add-ons. There’s even a Gift option at checkout so you can buy the subscription for a friend/partner/co-worker for as long as you want (minimum 1 box). Talk about being an awesome friend!

Is there a cutoff date for the Winter 2021 box?

There is! All orders for the Winter box must be placed by 11:59 p.m. EST on November 19th to receive the box in early December. If you miss the cutoff date, your next opportunity will be to sign up for the Spring 2022 box which will be ready to ship at the beginning of March. We will have all of our cutoff dates through next year listed on our FAQ page within the Subscription Box link. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a box every season until you cancel your subscription.

Any incentives being offered?

For the first 50 people who sign up we’ll be giving you an EXTRA full size product in your first box!

What else do I get?

Each box recipient will also get an exclusive 20% off code for the products featured in that season’s box. Those will go live on our Etsy store a few weeks after the box has been shipped so, if you LOVE one of the items you receive and you run out, you can stock up at a discount! That code will not be available to the general public, only to box subscribers. But hurry! Those items will only be available until the next season arrives (e.g. Winter 2021 box one-off products will only be available until the end of February).

And, in other news…

Liquid Luck Blueberry Scented Bath Bomb
My Lips Hurt Real Bad Lip Scrub

We have two new items on the shop this week – our new Liquid Luck Blueberry Scented Bath Bomb, named after the infamous potion from Harry Potter and COVERED in Gold Dust enviroglitter (which won’t pollute your city’s waterways), as well as our new My Lips Hurt Real Bad peppermint scented lip scrub, named after Napoleon Dynamite and his brutal dependency on chapstick. Click on the images to pick them up today in our Etsy store!

In addition to those, one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while is courtesy of Baby Avett, son of our fabulous family friend, Bethany, which just goes to show you that applying our Shoo Fly, (Don’t Bother Me) Citronella Natural Insect Repellent can be done by a two year old (and is safe for him to use too – by the way, if this doesn’t make you smile you’re dead inside):

Finally, to assist in getting used to this colder weather that’s finally here after an insanely hot summer, here’s our weekly Spotify playlist. Enjoy, fellow Ghosties! – Laura

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