B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Sorry, I’ll stop.

Most of my posts and reviews are pretty detailed affairs, either full of emotional catharsis, introspection, or carefully laid out details about a game, album, etc. This review? None of the above. Nope, this one is gonna be quick, to the point, and void of nearly everything that makes a review “good”. Why? Cause Pig Eat Ball by Mommy’s Best Games is so fucking fantastic, so batshit crazy, and so purely wonderful that there isn’t much to say outside of GO BUY THE GOD DAMNED THING.

You’re playing the part of a pig princess who is pissed about her arranged marriage so she sets out about the task of making things right. She has the ability to suck objects in, vomit them out, and glide nimbly around the environment. She’s also got a nifty boost to help you out of jams or just to generally move around faster. She can pick up “one and done” powerups and there are also costumes to be found that offer buffs/debuffs to help and/or hinder your piggy progress. Some are secret, some are fairly easy to SEE but not so easy to get, and all of them are a blast to hunt down. There’s an absolutely bonkers 200+ single-player levels on offer here and the general premise is as follows: suck up a certain amount of tennis balls in a certain amount of time, while avoiding obstacles, traps, and enemies. Boss fights are super challenging and gorgeous looking spectacles, NPCs in the overworld are absurd and charming, and the challenge ramps up JUST right. Variety is thrown in all over the place too, one favorite of mine tasks you with zooming around making sandwiches before your enemies, and it is exactly as fun as it sounds. Plus you’re a vomiting pig, I’m not really sure what else I need to be telling you. There’s even local co-op which I can only imagine is rad as hell too. Why are you not on the eShop right now? GO!

The pixel art is fucking amazing, everything is super weird and wonderful, and Pig Eat Ball is one of the most unique and addictive arcade-style games I’ve come across in years. Just watch the trailer for god’s sake, if there’s anything bad to say about it, I don’t really care. It does what counts and provides an absolutely hilarious and engaging experience and with that The Ghost Generation gives this little gem a RESOUNDING and absolute recommendation. Mommy’s Best Games can be found here and here, and I genuinely appreciate Nathan giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful piece of indie awesomeness!


Review code graciously provided by Mommy’s Best Games.

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