Helloooooooooooo Ghosties! We have been BUSY around here lately and there’s NO sign of it stopping which is fine by us! We’ve been having a killer time taking The Ghost Generation out into the world and SO MUCH has happened so far this summer, we’re incredibly grateful for all the opportunities that have been coming our way and I’ve been meaning to write for a while now so here I am.

Turns out, when you follow your OWN path the universe can be pretty nice to ya.

True story. We decided a while ago to put a LOT less stock in the internet, with everyone screaming “BE ON TIK TOK, POST 500 TIMES A DAY, SEO, ALGORITHMS, FOLLOWERS!!!!!!” in our faces constantly it became more than we cared to put up with. It’s all fucking NOISE, period. We didn’t start The Ghost Generation to do it the way people on the internet tell us to do it, we did this to build OUR dreams OUR way. Plus, we’re old-school and proud of it too. Grassroots marketing, pounding the pavement, and getting out to make REAL connections is what we come from, and it seems like we might have the market cornered in that arena since everyone else is glued to their Zuckerberg Cubes all day long and decidedly NOT focusing on old-fashioned grassroots marketing & hustle.

Head over to the Events page to find out when we’ll be here next!
Our setup @ Rooted Trading Co. from Saturday!

We’ve had a BLAST the past couple weeks and it’s been pretty nuts! We debuted at the Smyrna Handmade Market where we’re now going to be an official vendor for the rest of the season, and we even got to have a super-rad chat with the Marietta Daily Journal while we were there last week! We made our debut with a pop-up at Rooted Trading Co. in the newly-revitalized Downtown Powder Springs, GA and had a fantastic time doing so, and then there’s another hugs milestone for us too- we are now officially being carried in a store! The Local Exchange on the Historic Marietta Square is now carrying our full bath & skincare line and we’re INCREDIBLY excited to be a part of their family!

The Local Exchange, now carrying The Ghost Generation!

That’s a lot of radness in a relatively short time, sir.

Yes, yes it is! We’re HUGELY appreciative of all the opportunities that have come our way, and we’re working on a TON more too so stay tuned. I’m sure some people think we’re nuts, or maybe a little old-fashioned, or maybe both- and I guess they’d be right but the thing is, it WORKS for us. We’re not built to follow anyone else’s lead, and it goes to show that maybe “just how things are done now” isn’t always the way it SHOULD be done for everyone. We might not be taking over the world just yet, but I’m stunned at the progress we’ve made since we decided to put less energy into getting people’s attention on social media and more energy into connecting in the REAL world. That tells me we’re on the right path, and I gotta say- it feels good.

So keep your eyes on us, OH YEAH….our regular bath bombs are GHOSTIE SHAPED NOW!!! Just another way we’re carving our OWN path, and they’re so damn cute you just want to eat them…but don’t, cause you shouldn’t eat bath bombs. It’s important to me that you know that. They’re available on the shop right now BTW, and they’re WAY too cute to not be in your bathtub tonight.

Yeah, they’re adorable. <3

Where was I? Ah, yeah- keep your eyes on us, we have a lot of “irons in the fire” and we’re excited about what’s ahead for the rest of the summer and 2021. We’ll be back at the Smyrna Handmade Market this Wednesday from 5-8 and you can grab the address/details at the Events tab, I’ve got another new jewelry product line to announce very shortly, and there’s plenty more news heading your way soon. For now, I gotta go make stuff so have an awesome Monday and BE YOURSELF DEFIANTLY!


The Ghost Generation

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