Paying homage to Twister

Paying homage to Twister

In the late spring of 1996, people lined up outside of movie theatres across North America to see the much-hyped action movie, “Twister.” The trailer was rad, not giving too much away, but revealing that the Big Bad was nature itself, utilizing brand new technology to create realistic tornados that sounded like they were chomping away at the scenery.

Of course, 25 years later, some of this “revolutionary technology” now looks cheesy as hell but Aaron and I are still obsessed. Why? Because the dialog is endlessly quotable (“You can’t explain it, you can’t predict it”….”You got me Jo!”), the soundtrack is still epic and it’s SO WEIRD seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman playing the goofy sidekick (and it still Hollywood years to get him out of this role and into ones that actually showed how amazingly talented he was).

When it came time for us to sit down and figure out what we were going to name our bath and skincare products, Twister was top of mind. But how would we go about paying homage to Twister in a bath bomb? Well, we came up with the idea from this scene:

Due to movie magic, one can assume no cows were harmed during the making of this movie

Coupling the “cows” theme with Bill Paxton’s “DEBRIS?!?!?!” line made us giggle and so the Debris bath bomb was born. Containing green vegan dye, purple forget-me-nots, honeysuckle and vanilla phthalate-free (no plastics) fragrances, and a lovely little toy cow embedded in the center, this bath bomb makes you feel like you’re lying down in a summer meadow with nobody bothering you and the sounds of nature everywhere. Sounds fucking amazing if you ask me. Oh, and I also had a blast setting up our Tiny Figures photography for this one as I was able to finally explain what we were trying to do through images:

That tornado’s coming for you, Cows.

Of course, we’ve since changed all of our bath bombs so that they’re made in the Ghostie mold but I still think this picture is rad. Click on the image above to be see our listing in our store if you’re interested! Stay tuned for more stories as to where we gather our inspiration. – Laura

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