Introducing our new Sugared Lemon Sugar Scrub, “Rind Me, Woman.” This one is absolutely PERFECT for summer – and just be warned, people might tackle you on the street to dry huff you after using it. I mean, I hope that doesn’t actually happen but it’s 2021 – weird shit happens all the time.

Click on the image above to purchase one today!

Made from granulated sugar, fractionated coconut oil and combined with vegan micas and phthalate-free Lemon Poundcake fragrance oil, this scrub is going to be a fast favorite in your skincare regime. When dealing with the summer heat, going swimming and just generally being out in the world, your skin goes through a beating every day. This sugar scrub sloughs off dry skin and the coconut oil creates a barrier to prevent your skin from drying out. I actually tested this last night:

I was very careful to keep the towel ON 😀

As you can see, the scrub acted like a barrier so that the water wasn’t going to make my skin dry. Immediately after, I used one of our Solid Body Lotions (the D-A-I-Y-E Spa/Ylang Ylang & Amber-scented one is currently my favorite) and, almost 24 hours later, my skin is still as soft as a baby’s bottom.

You can almost smell it through the screen. It’s so…lemony 😀

Now, the name. As with all of our product names, we pull from pop culture, especially movies and TV we absolutely adore. If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now, you’ll know that last year during the pandemic we watched the Zooey Deschanel show, “New Girl” six times in its entirety.

WHAT!?! You watched a show six times in one year!?

We did. I made Aaron a believer but that’s only because the writing is absolutely perfect and everyone is so good in it. The title for our new sugar scrub came from Episode 14, Season 3 titled “Prince”, where the group gets to attend a party at Prince’s house. Schmidt is convinced he’s going to find new friends who will elevate him to the next level, only to realize he already HAS those best friends. While Coach, Winston and Cece are playing “Lemon Mouth”, Schmidt joins in and says to Cece, “Rind me, woman” when he then goes on to eat the entire lemon slice.

If you’re a “New Girl” fan (as well as other cult faves), keep an eye out for a future BIG box as we’ll be creating some super fan bundles for the holiday season. In the meantime, head on over to our Etsy store and pick this Sugared Lemon sugar scrub up – you won’t be disappointed. As a final note, if you’re going to be in the greater Atlanta area this Sunday, come by our booth at the Smyrna Handmade Market where we’ll be selling these in person! We’ll also be giving away free 2 oz sample sizes with every purchase of a solid lotion!!! Sounds like a good deal to me 😀 – Laura

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