Greetings Ghosties! My brain is complete mush this week- trying to get everything done before Thanksgiving, prepping for our holiday events, and still being responsible for the well-being of two little acid freaks is a lot. So, I’ve been meaning to write more but I’ve been stretched pretty thin so I haven’t. Even now, I’d love to flesh this out a little more but I’ve got a myriad of shit to do so brevity is my jam today.

Compelling stuff, Aaron.

Fuck off, me! Anywho, i’ll stop arguing with myself and get down to business- I added a BUNCH of rad larger-scale pieces to the shop today:

And, some new color variants of our Gummy Bear earrings:

Finally, I was going to attempt a Thanksgiving-themed playlist but A) we don’t celebrate it for the same reasons the history books want us to (cause FUCK imperialism and everything else that’s wrong with the fucking holiday, we just like to celebrate our year and eat yummy shit.) and B) I’m pretty sure there’s only like one major Thanksgiving song and since nobody wants a shopping playlist of one Adam Sandler song over and over again I decided to shift gears and just go with “shit I think is rad”. Some new, some not-so-new, all killer, no filler. Special attention should be paid to my homies in Blackwater Drowning who are fucking amazing and if you like astonishingly heavy music played FANTASTICALLY then you’ll be their new biggest fan. Also, keep your eyes on ’em because all I can tell you is that the music they’ve got coming out next (TBD) is absolutely game-changing shit. Muy bueno. They’ll be the biggest thing since Uncrustables soon so get on board now so you can be all elitist about it later.

And that’s all, folks! Somehow I ended up buying a 24 pound turkey for myself, my wife, and our two very small children so I guess there’s a fucking MESS of turkey heading my way- luckily Laura makes the best turkey in the known universe so I’m pretty stoked about it. Remember, fuck the history books- celebrate your year, celebrate love, and maybe teach your kids about indigenous people and fill in the wide swath of blanks those schoolbooks leave out when it comes to this shit. Also, I’ve decided that you may ALL tell your racist, drunk uncle to go fuck himself this year. You’re welcome.

So, crank up that playlist, hit up the shop here, check out our “SUBSCRIPTION BOXES” tab up top, and make your holidays RAD with us!


PS- Don’t forget about our BIG-ASS sale going on through 12/6, the ENTIRE SHOP is 30% off (excluding gift bundles) and that means HUGE savings on gifts, self care, and all things RAD!!!

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