My Favorite Things – 2021 Edition

My Favorite Things – 2021 Edition

Before the great purge of our 2019-2020 blog posts (which we had to do when Aaron’s company got a new owner and we didn’t want him seeing what Aaron was doing in his free time), I used to post a “my favorite things” list every year around this time. Rad products rounded out the list and this year is no different. So, without further ado, here are My Favorite Things – 2021 Edition!

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

This thing is magic. Literally.

I finally bit the bullet in Spring and bought this monster of a hairdryer. I was the type to buy the cheap $30 hairdryer from Target every two years when inevitably it would bite the dust and smelled like burnt hair. After reading reviews forever, I decided to fork out for the Rolls Royce of hairdryers as we had had our Dyson vacuum for eight years and it was a perfect machine. This hairdryer is light to hold, looks amazing, comes with a crap ton of attachments and my hair comes out SO shiny every time. Yes, it’s $400. But you won’t need to replace it for at least a decade and your hair will look like you just came from a blowout at Dry Bar. Every. Time.

Taylor Jenkins Reid Books

This will be everywhere in 2022

I read Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Daisy Jones and The Six” earlier on in the year and believe me, you will hear about this constantly next year as they’re currently making an Amazon Prime show based on the novel with Riley Keogh (Elvis’ granddaughter) as the titular Daisy. It’s written as if you’re watching a “Behind The Music” (remember when VH1 was good!??!) of the band and I couldn’t put it down.

I then moved on to her other books, “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” and “Malibu Rising” which I finished in mere days (chalk that up to “things I can do now that my kids are six and four and no longer need my attention every waking moment”). Her writing makes you feel like you’re watching a movie and can fully realize all of the characters in each book. They are “can’t put down” novels that you won’t regret reading.

The Ghost Generation’s Solid Lotions

These blocks of awesomeness changed my skin

I am aware this is a shameless plug for our products but this didn’t exist in my life prior to this year. After spending months testing various carrier oils and butters, I finally landed on what would eventually become the formula for all of our solid lotions. Finding Kokum Butter, reading all about its amazing properties (it reduces scars, it’s hugely moisturizing and completely all natural), and then finally putting it to the test was what saved my skin this year.

I have incredibly dry skin and this formula (combining Sweet Almond Oil, Soy Wax, Kokum Butter and some other wonder ingredients) stopped the soles of my feet from looking like garbage and my hands aren’t thirsty little buggers sucking the life out of them so they look a lot older than I do. For only $15, these tubes last for a LONG time and they’re totally worth it if you give a damn about your skin.


I HATED bubbly water until this year. I was like Ted Lasso when he takes a sip, thinking he’s drinking still water and then spits it all over the press corp by accident:

But I couldn’t resist those pretty beverages in my fridge (Aaron is a fizzy water advocate) and so tried the Cherry one. Then the Blackberry one. And the Strawberry one. And the Passionfruit one that tastes like heaven in a can. They changed this previously Diet Coke addict into a water drinking one and the fact that they have zero calories and no artificial sweeteners make me feel like I’m doing better things for my body. They also have drops for the Sodastream if you have one of those and you want to do even better things for the environment by just using your reusable bottle.

TV Shows

We are in the golden age of streaming and so I know there are so many shows out there to take your attention away. Ted Lasso on Apple+ TV held our attention for Season 2 and delved deeper into mental health issues and redemption (not for Nate. It’s best if we don’t talk about that one). Shadow and Bone on Netflix was absolutely stellar and made me immediately run out to the book store so I could read the entire trilogy. Yes, the books are YA but the show was so incredible to look at and the world building was amazing. Completely worth your time.

We watched all 11 seasons of Bob’s Burgers this year (yes, I know, we’re coming to the party late on that one) and New Girl, The Office, and Parks and Rec were on rotation again as well (because they’re perfect shows and we’ll never get sick of them). Superstore is always worth a rewatch as well.

Cozy Grove

This thing plays as cute as it looks

After Animal Crossing shit the bed and didn’t give us any new content for over a year, Cozy Grove was such a welcome replacement. You are a Scout who has been sent to an island to help all of the ghosts out and help them pass into the afterlife. After you do various things for them that day, their section of the island changes from black and white into color and you get a little bit more of each character’s life story. You can herd deer and birds (and recently added rabbits), plant trees and flowers, make items ranging from lamps that you can chain around the island all the way up to outdoor saunas, and create desserts at the bakery to help feed all of the animals. In this crazy world, it’s a perfect distraction and is available across all platforms (I play mine on the Nintendo Switch….speaking of…).

Nintendo Switch OLED Console

So. Worth. The. Upgrade.

Santa was very kind to Aaron and I this year and brought us both one Nintendo Switch OLED each and MY. GOD. this thing is pretty. The screen upgrade is well worth it and games like Cozy Grove, Super Mario Odyssey and the new Smurfs Vileaf Adventure game look (and play) amazing. Can’t wait for the new Rabbids game and Kirby coming in the Spring!

And now, some other news

You may have noticed we got rid of our subscription box website. It wasn’t for want of trying BUT the tax situation with the vendor we chose was a bit dodgy and so we’ve changed course and will be offering the boxes on Etsy (coming soon!). We also have grand plans for 2022 and will have various reveals over the next few months. We’ll also be at all sorts of markets starting in Spring all the way through to December 2022 so we’re gearing up in a big way for this year.

We want to thank ALL OF YOU for your support this year

Without you, we couldn’t have done this. Without you we would have been hobbyists playing with ingredients in our kitchen but instead we were able to take ideas out of thin air and make them a reality. We cultivated a community, with the help of all the wonderful people at the Smyrna Handmade Market organization and we can’t wait to be a part of that again this upcoming year. We’re going to have a new look for our booth, brand spanking new products and a positive outlook for 2022 and we hope you join us for the ride! From both Aaron and I, we wish you a wonderful end to your year and hope that your 2022 is outstanding. – Laura xxxx

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