Listen IMMEDIATELY to “The Midnight Miracle” Podcast

Listen IMMEDIATELY to “The Midnight Miracle” Podcast

It’s hard right now for all humans. It’s been a really difficult 14 months, hell a difficult four and a half years if you’re an American. I became a FUCKING CITIZEN in 2019 so I could ensure I could vote in 2020, after being a legal immigrant for 20 years. It’s game over for me if someone’s a Trump supporter. It means that they support white supremacy, they support violence (including trying to pretend that the Capitol Riot in January didn’t exist and was just a “tourist event”), they support marginalizing anybody that doesn’t look like them. THEY SUPPORT THE IDEA THAT JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE’S SKIN IS A DIFFERENT COLOR THEN THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE THE SAME QUALITY OF LIFE AS EVERYONE ELSE.

It’s still raw, it’s still in the news, there’s scary shit on the horizon for 2024 and I’m hoping that the American public realizes that we’re supposed to look after each other, prop each other up, give everybody a baseline so that everyone can fucking live instead of throwing gasoline on the existing dumpster fire that America has become. Want to know why you can’t get enough people to go and work retail/fast food right now? Because paying them minimum wage is not enough to live. These companies need to pay their people well to retain them or even get people to apply in the first place. I read this morning that the Kroger CEO cut hazard pay for his employees while walking away with a $22.4 million package for himself. Do you think this is right? If so, this website and our company is not for you. Do you know what this world would look like if everyone was on even footing? Violence would go down, depression would go down, we could work together as Americans to make this country the #1 destination for everyone looking for the best life they can live.

Which leads me to The Midnight Miracle Podcast which just dropped on Luminary this past week. Dave Chappelle, Yasiin Bey, and Talib Kweli hosted discussions in 2020, intercut with musical interludes and soundbites and it’s pure genius. It’s smart social commentary that is heavy, yes, but intercut with jokes (because if you can’t laugh about something right now, it’s a dark world out there). They discuss racism and depression in the first two episodes and it hits home because yes, this world has gone crazy and yes, we can do better and I can’t think of a better trio to voice those opinions. Lucky for you, the first episode is free and you can listen right here:

You ask anyone, from any walk of life and all they want is food on the table, for their kids to be raised in a safe place and for there to be enough money in their bank account to live without fear of how to pay the bills or lose their home. A sense of purpose or feeling needed doesn’t hurt either. Do better. And subscribe to Luminary so you can listen to The Midnight Miracle Podcast (and for the first time in over 20 years new Black Star music). It’s worth every penny. – Laura

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