It all started with a Diana F+ Camera for Christmas 2018. I missed taking pictures with proper film and taking the time to actually get the perfect shot, so this was a perfect gateway into a hobby I had put to rest a long time ago.

This particular camera takes 120 film which is a BITCH to load but after watching multiple YouTube videos I got it in. Depending on your settings you can get either 12 or 16 pictures out of each film which makes you pause and go, do I really need a selfie right now? No. That is never needed. And with that I started clicking.

It didn’t start off as bad as I thought!

So you can see that the pictures look vaguely like all of our holiday pictures from the early 80s: slightly blurry, muted colors, and a slight pinhole look so that the picture isn’t in the whole frame. I fucking LOVED it.

Tried black and white film to be all artsy-fartsy…
My co-workers have seen this and thought it was a picture of me from my childhood. Which, why would I have a picture of just myself in my office?
We started getting REALLY experimental with this

And then I started using 120 Lomochrome color negative purple film. The results were so much fun and created the best picture I’ve taken so far:


The great thing about the Diana cameras is that they have manual wind. If you choose to not move on to the next picture you don’t have to and so, with Roo collecting shells calmly on the beach last summer, I was able to get the above with the aforementioned purple film.

Next up is the new Metropolis film, a yellow lomochrome color negative roll which creates AMAZING shots and I’m so excited to see what will be produced. If you’re thinking, “where do you even get pictures developed anymore?!?!” I’ve been using this amazing company online called The Dark Room and they take care of everything, including uploading your images to a private link. For purchasing ANYTHING to do with this hobby, head on over to LOMOGRAPHY.com. They’re an amazing resource for ideas, new additions to the film family, and occasional sales on stuff. BH Photo and Video also has good deals on cameras occasionally too.

We’re all trying to keep our sanity during this whole thing and however you do it, maybe doing something creative is the way to go. Or maybe it’s not. But at least I’ll have pictures to look at 😀 – FemaleGG.

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