I haven’t been on here in a while. It’s been crazy in work and everyone is pretending like there isn’t a pandemic raging in our country, enough so that we’re now banned from visiting a whole continent. Well done. Yesterday my company let go of a ton of people and apparently over the next couple of weeks, it will total 700 people. That’s 700 people who not only are dealing with THE WORLD but they’re now also dealing with how to put food on the table.

But hey, Kanye’s running for president so everything will be ok.

Because THAT’S what this country needs right now.

At the end of this month, the CARES Act/additional unemployment benefits will expire. For some, this will mean having a roof over their heads and putting food on the table versus living on the street. You want to see how rage escalates in this country, then go ahead and let that happen.

This is mostly aimed at those Republican Senators who keep shooting down bills meant to help the American people, those same people that put you in office and who keep this economy going. So, Senator, let’s get into the details as to WHY this boost is needed. I’ll be using Georgia as an example just because that’s where I live.

So, Georgia unemployment stands at $330 a week if you earn the max to get that. With the additional $600, that’s $930 a week or $3,720/month. We live in a part of the country that is not expensive to live in BUT the lowest rent I’ve heard about recently is $900/month. If you were to let the current bill expire then that would be three out of the four weeks of unemployment payments going straight to rent.

That would then leave someone with $420. Let’s say BARE MINIMUM, groceries would be $50/week so now we’re down to $220. Oh yeah, you also don’t have health insurance because you lost your job and this country is one of the few developed countries that doesn’t offer universal healthcare. If you happen to get the Coronavirus, which is pretty likely, it can cost upwards of $1,800 just for a test. If you just go for a checkup at your doctor’s office, that’s at least $100. God help you if anything goes wrong with your car, or an appliance because you DEFINITELY don’t have any money for an emergency.

Whoops, I forgot utilities. Water, gas, power. Do you have kids? Well, you have to feed those little tikes otherwise they complain A LOT. Hopefully they don’t want to be clothed either. Or entertained.

So, Republican Senators, my question to you is, could YOU live off of the measly unemployment benefits we offer in this country? Imagine you don’t have your stock portfolio, your impressive 401K balance, I’m sure a big house, fancy suits, access to a car that runs. Could YOU survive on $1,320/month?

Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

A fun little caveat, because it changes for each state but Georgia is one of the few that limits unemployment benefits to 12 weeks. For all of my friends that lost their jobs lately, with a looming second shutdown on the horizon, they now have to find a job within the next three months to protect their families.

And so I leave you with this Republican Senators. If this was your family, what would you do to save it? Because WE NEED SAVING. – FemaleGG

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