I turned 40.

I turned 40.

Yesterday, I turned 40. For some this is a dreaded age but for me I was ready to meet the next decade of my life with great expectations. When I turned 30, I was dating someone 9 years younger than me, getting very drunk most nights and not really happy in my career. Just under two years later, I met Aaron and my life changed. In the past decade I fell in love and got married, became a house owner, birthed two amazing children, pushed that pesky career along and assisted in my husband’s dream of launching our own business. Not bad for ten years.

So, how did I celebrate entering this next decade? Well, as best as I could while a global pandemic is STILL raging on by starting off having breakfast at Fellows Cafe in Roswell:

That’s a honeycomb latte which is as delicious as it sounds

Next, we headed to the Atlanta History Center where the Swan House is located and did the whole, hands behind your back, look at the exhibits thing, and then headed out to take our Ghostie on a field trip (more images to come on our Instagram account @thegh0stgeneration):

A MASSIVE chocolate mousse cake with sparkler candles later, amazing gifts from Aaron, Meech-elle my bell and Clare (who sent me one of those cakes that explodes with paper butterflies that scared the CRAP out of my daughter) and then a viewing of “Wayne’s World” made everything complete.

I mean, come on, that’s a drawing of AUNT MEG’S HOUSE from Twister!?! Does this boy know me or what!?

And it doesn’t end there. I’ve taken the whole week off and today is movie watching in bed (started with “Clueless”, currently watching “Moulin Rouge”) ending the week with a tour of rooftop patios in Atlanta. Look, there’s one thing you can’t change in this life and that’s getting older. But, especially after the past 18 months, try and look at the other side of it – you MADE it to another year, so get out there and live life. Hug your loved ones, laugh as much as you can, treat yourself and if you have a dream, follow it. There are a million excuses out there to not do something that’s been gnawing at you but life is not a dress rehearsal so, find a way to do the thing that you love. And it doesn’t hurt if you surround yourself with people you love as well. Have a fucking AWESOME week – I know I’ll be doing so 😀 – Laura

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