It’s rare that I say this genuinely, but GOOD FUCKING MORNING! Yeah, that’s right- it’s a good fucking day, deal with it! There’s an absolute ton of stuff going on in our world, but we’re not here to talk about all that stuff.

Then why the fuck are we here?

Thank you for asking! First of all, just so everyone knows, it’s been a wonderful journey since we started The Ghost Generation in August 2019. We’ve dedicated countless hours to bringing our best to the table and I feel like we did just that. We’ve shared our lives, done some rad interviews, and it’s been absolutely awesome to have this platform and I’m proud of every single word we’ve written.

Here’s the thing though, it turns out that not too many people ended up giving a shit. That’s not “woe is me”, them’s just the facts! Who the hell knows why? Not me, I think our writing is fucking fantastic, but maybe I’m an idiot. Whatever the case, I’m sure the timing of it all didn’t work too well in our favor either, given that we only had about five months before a certain ASSHOLE virus took over our lives. Or maybe it’s just that everyone would rather talk about Twitch on Twitter, or watch people become billionaires on TikTok, or maybe I’m just not as clever as I think I am.

My mom always told me I was special, but she also married my dad, soooo……

You know what though? I’m glad things have gone the way they have gone, because it gave me the opportunity to shift gears and find a new path. I think it was late March, I was cleaning around the house and found my box of plugs from when I have my earlobes stretched. I was stoked to find it, and it made me wonder why the fuck I stopped wearing them cause I LOVED them. It’s not like I had to do it for work, my tattoos are on full display and that wasn’t a “thing”. Maybe it was to ensure a toddler didn’t eat them or something, who the hell knows, but either way- I decided to get those 0g bastards back into my ears.

Once I did THAT, I realized that I wanted to get my ass back up to 00g cause why the fuck not, so I did that too. I ordered a fuck-ton of plugs, it made me extremely happy during this super-shittiest of times, and all was well. Except for one thing- the fucking things NEVER looked as good in person. Well, some did, but some didn’t. That’s when I realized something, a lot of people are putting a “perfect pic” on their website, but sending out a slightly-less good looking mass-produced version of that perfect thing.

I suppose I get it, it takes a lot of time to make sure EVERY pair you make of something is as perfect as possible, but I’m of the school of thought that this is exactly why you SHOULD do that anyway. Life is short, and there are a million places for people to by what they want, so why not be the one people KNOW puts in the effort to make shit as good as possible?

This led me to another revelation. After spending a decent little chunk of change on some boutique-y plugs that weren’t all they were cracked up to be, I said to myself “I could fucking do this!” so (spoiler alert) that’s precisely what the fuck I did.

It also turned out that I fucking LOVE doing it.

It’s true, I ordered some supplies and set about making some practice pairs, and from fucking JUMP STREET I was in love. I love every second of creating something from nothing, art where there was empty space, whatever you want to call it. I NEED to create, how did I let it go for so long and not go completely nuts? Jury’s out on that one! Anyway, I also discovered that I was GOOD at it, and it pretty much came naturally. I’ve learned lessons, made mistakes, and covered more than one pair of joggers in resin accidentally. Worth it, every single second.

I’ve spent almost 7 years in a job that has made me more miserable by the minute, I’ve spent over a year writing my heart out for next to no one, and you know what? I’m fucking sick of it. I want to do something I love and also stand a decent fucking shot at making my living that way too. So, The Ghost Generation has officially shifted gears folks! I’ll still be writing here and there, and hopefully FemaleGG will too-BUT- The Ghost Generation is now an official business, as soon as the fucking license arrives in the mail, that is. All the ducks are in their rows, everything is set up, and as soon as that piece of paper is in my grubby little hands we’ll be launching our Etsy shop!

This site will be less writing, and more product news/updates and such. Pics of rad new shit, customer profiles, all manner of things related to this exciting and fulfilling new venture. I’m excited WAY beyond words, but a few things I want to get out of the way before I can’t contain myself:

  1. Every single fucking pair of plugs I make is treated like a work of art. Nothing is rushed through, and nothing will arrive in your mailbox that wasn’t been thoroughly inspected and confirmed to meet my admittedly insanely high standards. Why? Cause it’s 2020, one bad review can sink a small business and because that’s how it SHOULD be. You SHOULD be giving every single piece your everything, or why fucking bother?
  2. With that said, there will also be no mass production of my plugs. Every single pair will be one of a kind, and every single pair will be INDIVIDUALLY LISTED so what you see will be EXACTLY what you get. Sure, it costs me a few more cents, and it’s a little more work, but guess what? That’s what will make the difference between you coming back to buy more and you telling all your friends I suck. I prefer the former. šŸ™‚
  3. You won’t see The Ghost Generation sending those constant “THIS SHIT IS ON SALE!!!” messages all over the place. It’s annoying, it clouds up the message, and me? I’d rather offer killer prices from the get-go instead of having to fuck with the numbers constantly. I don’t need to charge you for my labor, that’s the part I LOVE. So, the benefit of me and my love-fest is that I’m down to offer you better prices than a lot of other retailers cause I fucking can. Bueno.
  4. You may or may not know this, but FemaleGG also used to make jewelry and she’s fucking amazing at it too. Right now though, she’s the one with the job that kinda pays for all our healthcare SO- she won’t be joining me in this right away but if we can all annoy and badger her enough I’m pretty sure we can get her making INSANELY rad custom necklaces again soon. Call it a TBD. šŸ™‚

I’m incredibly proud of how far The Ghost Generation has come in just over a year, and I’m proud of myself for being strong enough (even in this year that has caused me to nearly lose my shit a million times) to take a fuckin’ chance on something I wanted to do. Sure, it’s possible I’ll fail- but it won’t be because I didn’t fucking give it my best shot. Plus, like I said- it turns out I’m actually kinda good at it:

If the government would hurry up you could order these 00g ghoulies in time for Halloween!
Every order gets a hand-stamped Kraft box, even the big bastards. This pair is 3/4″ and will shine so brightly in your earlobes that you’ll be able to flag down commuter jets.
Every pair will feature multiple materials, super smooth finishes, and a lot of them will glow in the dark too. Too much awesomeness? No such thing. This pair of 1″ lovelies features reindeer moss, iridescent flakes, chunky glitter, and the aforementioned glow in the dark-ness.

Wanna see more? Follow us on Instagram so you can keep up with the latest news. Like I said, as soon as my county government can wade through their backlog of business license applications I’ll be good to go to launch the Etsy shop and the launch date will most definitely get announced there. We’re on Twitter too, but I’m beginning to think it’s just not our platform. Who knows, maybe it’ll find it’s way soon. Business wise, once we build a decent customer base, we’ll move it all right here to but in the beginning it’s great to have the wealth of tools available on a marketplace like Etsy- especially in this nutty-ass year. One step at a time, right?!

So that’s it for now, Ghosties! I know it’s been an epically awful year, but I’m determined to get some fucking good out of it yet. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that NONE of us know when the show is over and I refuse to leave this world without giving myself a chance to do everything I set out to do. It’s not easy, change never is, but on the other side of that fear we all feel when things change is freedom. Not in that “holding an AR-15 at the grocery store” kind of freedom. I’m talking about REAL freedom. Freedom from the “what-ifs”, the “if-onlys”, and the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’ of it all. And maybe if you see ME doing it, maybe you’ll jump off your own cliff too.

I hope you’ll all stick around and be a part of this new journey with us, at minimum you’ll get to see what I’m like when I’m not writing about how depressed I am, and I think that’s a good thing for all of us. Back to work for me- stay safe out there, don’t be a dick, and don’t be an idiot.


The Ghost Generation makes rad one-of-a-kind plugs, tunnels, and jewelry for equally rad people. Also, we write stuff occasionally. TheGhostGeneration.comĀ / Twitter / Instagram

The Ghost Generation


  1. When you first mentioned making plugs, I immediately tried to google things that I could make with them. I don’t even have my ears pierced, but these look fanfuckingtastic and even if you were selling monogrammed butt wipes, I’d have to buy some and find a use for them.
    SO, if FemaleGG does get back into jewelry, that will be AMAZING for losers like me with our lack of lobeholes.
    Either way, so happy that you’re going for what you love! I know this will be great for you and I am excited to see it all happen!

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