Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Let’s be honest. We’re all just trying to make it through. Through the crap that is the world right now. Through the impossibly high standards that social media has bred. Through the realization that we shouldn’t just be a part of the rat race. And above all, we’re just trying to raise the next generation to be worthy, and kind, and strong. Which leads me to one of the most powerful lines in recording history: “Here we are now, entertain us.”

I get it, you want to show your best life on social media. You want the masses to make you feel good by liking or hearting your stuff. However, your smile doesn’t quite reach your eyes. You want to lose that last 25 pounds because THEN life will be better (news flash – you may be disappointed), you want to give your kids all the attention in the world but you’re just. so. tired. We try on social media to show you what we’ve got going on without applying FOMO because we feel like The Ghost Generation should be for all. And, above all, if you can take care of yourself, find some joy, you’ll be a better person and we think that our products can help you do that.

Aw, remember our “little people” photography?!

A solid lotion that is packed with kokum butter that will help erase stretch marks, reduce scarring, completely get rid of dry skin so you can wear short sleeves without embarrassment. A shower scrub that will erase the day away with gorgeous scents. A keychain that will make you smile every time you head out to your car. A piece of jewelry that you KNOW no one else in the world has, making you feel just that bit special. And finally, bath bombs to make bath time fun again for your kids so, instead of whining that they don’t want to get in the bath, they’ll be running up the stairs as quickly as they can.

Party with the pumpkins anyone?

We’re not here to show our “best” life on social media because that’s for us to determine. There are days where we’re exhausted, there are days where we’re just trying to keep it together and there are days where we’re piled on the couch, all four of us under a blanket and just calm. I hope for the latter for you on most days but, on the days you’re feeling absolutely wiped out, remember, those are the days that make the good ones feel so sweet.

We’re gearing up for our holiday markets and hope to see you there (click here to find out more on our events page!). If you’re looking for an AWESOME gift for a loved one, click on our Subscription box tab at the top of the page. For only $59.99/quarter, you or your loved one will receive a massive box of Ghostie goodies. However, our Winter Box ordering window closes on November 19th, for a shipment date during the first week of December (our Spring Box ordering window will open up immediately after the Winter Box window closes so you can join at any time!).

The Ghost Generation is here to provide you with a bit of beauty in these dark times, and most important of all, rad shit that you can actually afford. We hope that we can also provide you with a bit of legitimate entertainment too that’s real and shows us, warts and all. Get us on your Christmas list and maybe Santa will deliver some of our products to you Christmas morning 🙂

AND FINALLY, here’s your playlist for this week. A bit of funk, a bit of rock and a BIG WAKE THE FUCK UP opening track. Enjoy! – Laura

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