Game The Fuck On

Game The Fuck On
Look at these two goofballs…

We lost sight of ourselves somewhere along the way. When this website became an idea two years ago on our fifth wedding anniversary we were so stoked. We wrote about video games and music and parenting two very small children who thought sleep was a joke. We injected humor into as much as we could because if we didn’t laugh at ourselves we’d end up rocking back and forth in the corner mumbling to ourselves a la Goldie Hawn in “Overboard” when she’s lifted into the rainwater barrel.

I love all of the products that we’ve created from scratch, I’m proud of what we’ve built in less than a year on our Etsy site but we became sterile. Nobody had anything to relate to. The Ghost Generation wasn’t a movement or a safe haven, it was just another logo in the waving sands of commerce (I mean, a fucking RAD logo but still).

I’m not a rich white lady who’s going to tell you where to buy the best organic honey or how to pack away your summer linens (my “summer linens” are my band t-shirts that are so overworn that they’re threadbare when September rolls around). You won’t find photos of us that have been staged so that I’m gazing off into the distance, pondering life (because, fuck off). I work full time at one job, make bath and skin products for The Ghost Generation on nights and weekends, love a good Jack and Diet Coke and just hope that every day we make it to bedtime every night with everyone healthy and happy.

So, we’re going to start writing again on here. We’re going to be ourselves and if stores want to carry us after reading where we stand on everything in life then that’s a good thing.

Be Yourself Defiantly.

We need to get back to basics and actually LIVE our slogan. I have one more week of being in my 30s before I turn 40 on September 7th. You better believe I will be smiling as much as I can and getting ready for the next chapter in my life. Taking everything I’ve learned and instead of just trudging through life, actually LIVING it (well, as much as you can in the middle of a pandemic). The Spotify playlist this week is just fucking FUN from start to finish and with all the crap that’s going on in the world, maybe we need that. So, Game The Fuck On. You only get one life. Do it the way you want to and damn the consequences (I’m not saying do anything illegal. Just, you know, use good judgement) – now, go dance. And smile as much as you can this week. – Laura

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