I meant to write this yesterday, but I had to go get beer after my hour-and-a-half long interview with super-amazing human Tyson Meade and you know, priorities. Calm down, I wore my mask, did curbside pickup and I supported my favorite local brewery (Burnt Hickory Brewery if you’re curious, they’re the fucking BEST.) so I was better than 99.9% of the OTHER assholes I’ve been seeing out in the toilet…I mean WORLD…the past couple days.

People are gonna start making banjo jokes about Georgia again, aren’t they?

See, I live in Georgia. You know, the first state whose Republican dipshit governor decided to reopen the capitalism floodgates yesterday so we could all line up outside of Fantastic Sams and get tattoos. Yeah, THAT Georgia. Against the advice of pretty much anyone with a brain, Governor Brian Kemp decided that a few more of us kicking off was less important than getting the dollar bills flying around again so here we are. We’ve had 1,999 new cases in the past 48 hours, 24 more deaths in as many hours, and you should fucking SEE the streets around here.

A park that I like to run in was open today (the track only) so I decided to go, the playgrounds and pavilions were supposed to be closed so I figured it would just be a few other runners and that’s it. What did I arrive to find? Well, first of all, I found myself stupid cause I should have realized that as soon as the restrictions got lifted every slack-jawed moron would be dragging themselves and their spawn out to spread germs all over the place. Secondly, I found said throng of people to be largely not giving a FUCK about masks, social distancing, or much of anything really.

All that time at home, so many opportunities to enrich their minds, and they only got dumber.

There was “CAUTION” tape cordoning off the pavilions and playgrounds I mentioned earlier, and what were people doing? Going under that shit to stand around the pavilion, or to let their kid play on the playground. People were standing in groups, not wearing masks, and the traffic situation there and back was like fucking Black Friday. I didn’t realize people put so much stock in what our idiot governor said, but I guess spending any more time at home with their brain-dead suburban Karens and indoctrinated little minions has just become too much for Tim from accounting to bear so they had to hit the fucking streets and cough on some OTHER assholes for a change.


You’re fucking god-damned RIGHT it pisses me off. Every health expert that’s been asked, every logical free-standing human being, every creature with half a frontal lobe will tell you that reopening shit right now is WAY too soon. Your fucking asses should be STAYING THE FUCK HOME. Hate yourself? Fine, whatever- but do you hate me and MY family so much that you’re willing to shit all over OUR life expectancy so you can go get “These Colors Don’t Run” tattooed on your red state nuts or whatever the fuck else these bags of Fucker Butter cookies are out there blowing their stimulus money on?

Probably, I can safely assume I’m not well-received in the “God, Guns, and Government” crowd.

It’s fucking madness, MADNESS I SAY! It’s as clear as day too, President Dump and all of his righteous cronies want to get their pockets back up to full capacity, so they’ve told all of us schmucks to go fuck ourselves- money is more important than us. Capitalism rules, humans drool. Why should they give a fuck? They’re not the ones getting called back to work at Applebee’s, they’re not the ones heading back to an office full of insufferable close talkers, they’re not the ones out SAVING FUCKING LIVES. They’ve calculated the risks, they know it’s a bad idea for everyone, but they said “fuck it, let’s roll the dice”.

If you’re not disgusted by that fact then I want you to immediately get off my fucking website and go out to your garage or shed. I want you to find the nearest long, sharp object. Now, I want you to shove it swiftly up your ass (don’t be grabbing the Astroglide out of your sock drawer, that shit is cheating, Chad.) until you hit brain. Are we clear?

Good, cause fuck the fucking FUCK out of you if you think money is worth more than the lives of our children, our mothers, or our friends. Fuck you if you’d rather see a healthy economy than healthy people. And SUPER fuck you if you’re whining and bitching about having to stay home for a while and you just GOTTA get your fucking ass back to Golden Corral for some of that soul-obliterating garbage that passes for sustenance. Fuck you, you know who you are.

I can hear them polishing their AR-15’s now.

I get it, we’re stuck with capitalism. The walking abortions we call leaders and the elite class will NEVER let the masses figure out how deeply they’re being fucked and we’ll keep this shitty wheel turning til the sun burns out. I get that we need the economy to keep shit going, and I understand that were in a bad place in that regard right now (OK, the worst EVER to be exact) but honestly? I don’t give a fuck. If you’re asking me, which nobody did but I super don’t care, this whole system needs to fucking COLLAPSE. Cause you know what? Capitalism ain’t FOR us. It’s aggressively AGAINST us, and the only people it is FOR are the billionaires at the top of the collective food chain and politicians.

That’s fucking it, and PLEASE don’t fool yourself into believing otherwise. We suck on their teats for scraps, we say “thank you boss!”, and we scramble to figure out how to feed our fucking children while these pigs play golf and make BILLIONS. Do I need to make it any more clear? Is it making you fucking MAD AS FUCK yet? Fucking should be, Ghosties- cause now they’re playing “Surviving the Game” but instead of hunting Ice-T it’s ALL OF US.

Damn right that’s a “Surviving the Game” reference. I’m awesome.

The people that are supposed to be our “leaders” are leading us right into the line of fire, and since they’ve decided they’d rather us die than have their bank balances shrink too much that’s what we’re fucking living with. And you know what? We seem to be enjoying it a hell of a fucking lot, cause for every one person I saw wearing a mask out there I saw fucking ten not wearing shit. I saw people saying “fuck these damn Commie restrictions” and diving under “CAUTION” tape so they could exercise their bullshit “freedom” and stand next to a municipal trash can.

Freedom? Get fucked. Freedom in America doesn’t mean SHIT anymore, especially since the Trump alt-right brigade has stolen all the meaning from the concept so they can justify the nightmares and ignorance they perpetrate upon intelligent beings everywhere. Freedom WON’T mean shit either, not until we decide to take it fucking BACK from our corporate masters anyway. I’m happy there were walkouts and strikes yesterday, but we need more. I’m happy that President Dump’s approval rating is rapidly going down the toilet, but we need to flush that motherfucker for good. I’m happy that, slowly but surely, anger towards the upper 1% is starting to simmer over the fucking pot, but we need MORE.

And before you ask, “What the fuck are YOU doing?”, I’ll gladly tell you where I’m at in all of this: I have no idea if I’ll have my day job next week, next month, whatever. I despised it to start with anyway but still, doesn’t change the fact that I have no idea what each day will bring cause of all this. My wife is terrified that shit will start to get cut with her company too, so we’re both in a similar boat in that regard. Who the fuck even KNOWS what’s gonna happen with our kids and daycare, school, etc. this year. We’re very fortunate to be OK right now but it could change on a dime. I’m as scared as everyone else, and about the best thing I can do is use MY platform to express my views and try to unify as many of us as possible. So, it may not be much, but I’m in the fight with you I promise you that much.

Speaking of my platform, I don’t make anything from this right now, in case you’re wondering. Not one fucking cent. I’m not some privileged dick sitting in a cashmere recliner writing this shit, I’m a dude who wants to create and I’m trying to build something for myself so I can make my stupid mark on the world, shitty though it may be. Picked a fucking excellent time to try THAT shit, right? For the average audio interview I spend about 7-12 hours, depending on the length of the thing, editing and making sure it sounds as good as possible. I stay up til 2 or 3 AM writing, finding images, trying to build a following. I fucking HATE social media, but I do what I need to do so I can get those numbers up. And those numbers? You want some truth and honesty? About fucking nine people have visited this site the past two days in a row, so I’m scraping and clawing to try and figure out how to get anyone to give a fuck and it ain’t easy, not by a long shot. I keep telling myself to keep going, and some days I feel like every word I type is one word closer to complete failure. I have all this shit swirling in my head, but here I am. Ever on the precipice of disaster, holding on to the edge of the cliff cause it’s MY FUCKING CLIFF. I might not have much more to offer besides this, but make no mistake about it- this is its own war in a very real way.

What was it Eminem said about vomit and spaghetti?

This is my fucking dream, and it might be actively blowing up in my face, but as long as that face hasn’t melted the fuck off I’m gonna keep trying. If you’re one of those esteemed nine wonderful people, tell people about us. I have a sneaking suspicion that the vast majority of our social media following has nearly never actually fucking READ anything on this site, and probably never even visited the god damned thing- so it’s becoming confrontationally clear that we haven’t found our audience yet. But YOU, you wonderful nine, you hold the key. Help us get this shit to the ones who feel like us, the ones who talk like us, and the ones who LIVE like us. I know they’re out there, they HAVE to be.

I might not be the guy leading the march, I might not have all the answers, but I know that I’m trying my best to MAKE something. I’m trying my best to be as much a part of the fight as I can be. I’m trying my best to be a good father, a good husband, and a good human amidst all this chaos and darkness and I feel just as tired as you do. Maybe I don’t know shit, that’s entirely possible. For now, I’m gonna go try to NOT eat my own hand cause I’m a week deep into intermittent fasting, and I’m gonna attempt to shut down my ever-churning mental maelstrom for a little while before the next shitstorm approaches. Stay safe, stay healthy, and for the love of Satan STAY THE FUCK HOME.


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