Let’s not forget that out in the world right now there’s a lot of hate, indignance and, oh yeah, racism. People are scared of losing their jobs, getting the virus and, throughout all of this, we don’t have any guidance from our government, the exact thing that’s supposed to help us through times of need. I don’t know about you, but I needed to get out of that mindset and so set out to change that.

20 years ago, when I was a senior in high school, I used to exchange notes with my friends. These weren’t your piddly little notes on a crumpled up piece of notebook paper. They were big and colorful and we would work on them over multiple lessons, eager to give them to our friends towards the end of the day. Ah, the days before social media where everything seemed to be less complicated.

Now it’s all, “Did you see the Snapchat filter Gina used on her face last night? Ugh. Let’s not be her friend anymore.”

By the way, these are the things that keep me up at night. With Ruby starting kindergarten this week she’s now “in the system” and, as she ages, she’ll cross paths with mean girls. I can feel myself getting all Mama Bear NOW and these girls don’t exist yet. MOVING ON…

Last week, as I was getting over the vacation blues, I decided to recreate one of these notes (see: img. above.) to one of my oldest and best friends, Meech-elle, my bell, who lives in California (far, far away from me) and who is stretched so thin right now that she feels like tracing paper. I joked about how old we were, pretended like we were going to go to the mall after class and drew in some recommendations on some pop culture I’d been consuming. Throw in a pretty palm tree and deserted island, put it in an envelope, stamp that sucker and sent it off. Five days later I got the following text:

You made me cry 😭 you don’t know how much I needed that note ❤️

See this is why we’re best friends 4eva

This made me tear up to be honest. I never want to hear that my friends are struggling but, despite the thousands of miles between my REALLY good friends and I (California, Seattle and Toronto all seem VERY far away during this virus), I’m going to keep thinking of ways to reach out. So, I urge all of you to do the same for your social circle. Send a handwritten letter to your grandparents who are probably feeling INCREDIBLY isolated during all of this, get on Amazon and order a book you enjoyed for a friend, FaceTime someone you haven’t in a while. If this virus has taught us anything, it’s that connection is needed to feel whole as a society. Start small with your own circle and see the good you can accomplish, if only for a few minutes at a time. – FemaleGG

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