We’re all addicted to something in America. It takes more forms than I have time to list here, but America has become the “Land of the free, home of the stricken” and every day we become more and more consumed by our vices. Sex, drugs, food, chaos, social media- we’ve earned our national PhD in over-consumption and self-destruction. One thing rules them all though:


Fear is what TRULY controls life in America. It infects every decision we make, because we’ve taken ourselves and our true needs out of the equation entirely. We do nearly nothing out of the desire to be happy, fulfilled, or complete human beings. Everything we do is based on self-preservation, earning money, or some combination of the two. We go to work at jobs we hate because we have to, we vote for inept leaders because they’re the best we can come up with, and sink ourselves into debt to buy things that we only THINK will make us feel better.

None of it does though, and we’re one of the unhappiest places in the world because of it. Anyone who challenges our broken system of “work, consume, repeat” is called “radical” and we scurry around like fucking rats every day to pump money into a system that only truly serves the ones in power. Our corporate overlords tell us what we need, and we work at their companies so we can buy those things, and they laugh in our faces. We think our leaders will care for us as they strip away our futures, destroy our planet, and divide our communities. We don’t believe in the system, but we keep feeding the machine because we’re afraid.

The more afraid we are the easier we are to control.

Control needs fear to operate at full capacity. We’re afraid of what happens when we die, so we let religion control our hearts and minds. We’re afraid to lose our material possessions, so we keep showing up to soul-sucking jobs that break our spirits. We’re afraid to be alone so we stay in toxic relationships or worse, abusive ones, because all of this fear has broken us down and told us that we don’t deserve better.

We’ve allowed our daily lives to become a form of punishment, and it’s all spoonfed to us 24 hours a day by a media that lies to us to stay on the air. Where is the truth in 2020? Who the fuck knows? I sure as hell don’t, I try my best to stay informed, apply logic, and if I’m lucky I come out with SOME idea of what’s real but most of the time it’s a fuckin’ crapshoot.

We’re all too busy fighting amongst ourselves to even realize what’s happening to us; it’s just every person for themselves, serving agendas nobody fully understands, for reasons we’ve long forgotten about. Happiness and humanity have gone by the wayside, because we’ve chosen to make money and power the things we want to be defined by. From that, nothing but fear can be created.

We’re sick, alright- but we’ve been sick LONG before coronavirus took the stage.

Unless you live on an island with no electricity, which honestly sounds pretty fucking fantastic at this point, you know what’s going on in the world today. We’re smack-dab in the middle of what is rapidly approaching global pandemic status- an outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) is sweeping the globe, infecting thousands, and killing hundreds. Everyone is scared, nobody knows what’s going to happen, and our leaders seem to be more concerned with how it will affect the markets instead of how it will AFFECT HUMAN LIVES.

It’s just started making its mark on America, and true to form the fucking circus of misinformation is in full-tilt hysteria mode here with people mass-buying masks that won’t help them, the government bold-faced lying to us, and everyone thinking the same thing- the shit is gonna hit the fucking fan. HARD.

The fan is coronavirus, our fear is the shit.

We’re in a tight spot right now, because nobody seems to know SHIT about how this is gonna play out, but I DO know one thing. The coronavirus will not be the thing that kills us in America, our fear will be our undoing. If this thing turns into a full-blown nationwide destroyer of human lives it won’t be the fucking virus, it will be the manner in which we HANDLE it that kills people. Make no mistake about it- Donald Trump and Mike Pence don’t know SHIT about how to handle this situation. Christ, the fucking CDC doesn’t even seem to be handling their shit particularly well right now so all bets are fucking off.

It’s true, people ARE getting sick and people ARE dying. It’s only just getting a foothold here too, we’re in the infancy of whatever this situation is going to be- but we have a choice. Yes, my freestanding fellow Americans, we have a CHOICE. We can stare at CNN all day and allow ourselves to panic ourselves into infection, it’s easy to do. One quick Google search will turn up a wealth of fear-based news stories designed to make us afraid. Why? Fear keeps us glued to the television screen, cause even in a pandemic- we gotta make sure ratings stay up!

There will be coronavirus merch, I fucking GUARANTEE it.

We can choose to listen to politicians who only have their own best interest at heart, and we can trust a system designed to keep us down to take care of us. We can do that, no problem. We’re tailor made to fuck ourselves over in the good ol’ US of A so why stop now? Slipping into fear and delusion is so heartbreakingly simple for us, and we’re good at it too.

So yeah, we have the choice to do that, and most of us probably will. Sad but true. The thing is though, we have another choice, and a vastly better one too.

WARNING: It involves logic.

The other choice is to use our fucking brains for once, I know it’s gonna be hard for those MAGA folks but I gotta believe we can do it. I can’t abandon ALL hope in humanity, no matter how easy humanity tries to make it for me. I believe we can take a collective breath, think about shit for a second, and realize we can actually control some of this shit ourselves. If not, then this train will absolutely come the fuck off the rails and turn this country into some kind of post-apocalyptic nightmare scene, and it’ll be 100% our own fault.

Only in America would people start price gouging on face masks, that again-are completely unnecessary- turning a global health emergency into disgusting opportunism. You know who needs masks? Fucking doctors, and nurses, and hospital workers. THAT’S who needs the motherfuckers, not us. We’ll be “us” though, and before you know it they’ll all be gone, cause we’re being led by FUCKING FEAR.

Schools? I’m pretty sure they’ll start closing if shit gets worse but businesses? That’s where you’re REALLY gonna see our true colors shining through, cause the unfortunate truth is that we live in a country where shit like sick days, paid time off, and emergencies are ALL frowned upon by the upper 1% who control shit. Sure, you see office workers and managers working from home or taking time off- but you can bet your ass that people will still be standing in warehouses, serving fast food, and making sure the bank is open for business too. I saw a story about a school district that was closed in Washington except for the custodial workers who were to report for duty to bleach all fuck out of the schools to kill any potential coronavirus hanging out. It’s right there, everyone’s lives are important enough to protect EXCEPT the fucking janitor.

America the Beautifully FUCKED.

Why doesn’t the fucking CDC have a response team for shit like that? People in HAZMAT suits, trained experts, fucking SOMETHING? Why does the fucking school custodian have to risk his life to clean this shit up while everyone else is at home staring at the news? It’s not fucking fair, it’s a god damn travesty is what it is. It’s gross, and it shows the underlying nature of class structure that is baked into the very fabric of everything we are in America.

Fuck that, if a school or business is closed then it should be FUCKING CLOSED FOR EVERYONE. I’m certainly not willing to die for a job I hate, are you? I truly hope your answer is a resounding “NO!” right along with me, because none of these people would die for you. Period. Your boss doesn’t give as much of a fuck about you as you tell yourself they do. Our leaders REALLY don’t give a shit either, and do you think fucking RELIGION is gonna fix this mess too?

The only thing that is going to stop this thing from turning into a full-bore catastrophe is US. The problem is, we have to STOP letting our fear color every thought we have. We have to STOP letting fear dictate our decisions. We have to STOP letting fear be the lighthouse by which we guide ourselves, we need to take a fucking breath and let LOGIC take the stage for a while

It won’t be easy, fear has been our God far longer than money.

First of all, we can STOP buying fucking masks. They’re not gonna do shit and we’re only making shit harder for the actual health professionals who have the capacity to help us. Just fucking stop it. Second, we can stop watching the motherfucking news so much and use our BRAINS. Wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick, and don’t fucking panic. That’s about it, if you we’re thinking I had some grand solution for any of this shit you were sorely mistaken. That’s because this doesn’t NEED a grand solution, it just needs us to take a deep breath and calm the fuck down.

The coronavirus will spread in America, that’s just a fact. Cases have almost doubled in the past few days in fact and we now have two deaths on American soil, again- just the facts. It will spread and it IS scary, I’m not saying it isn’t. What I’m saying is this (no, YOU sound like Perd Hapley)- there’s no way out of the fact that this is happening, but how much WORSE it gets is on us. If we choose to panic and fear-purchase a stockpile of masks we are making it worse. If we choose to be lied to by our leaders who have chosen to politicize a fucking pandemic it will get worse. If we choose to lose our collective shit over this it WILL GET WORSE AND WORSE AND WORSE AND WORSE.

Please, I implore you fellow citizens, don’t allow this shit to go down like this. Be the calm, rational, intelligent person your mother thinks you are. Take a deep breath, relax, and process the information we have at our disposal. Coronavirus is scary, but fear is worse. So don’t let yourself give in to the hysteria. Keep washing your hands, pay attention to the news that ISN’T sensationalized, and keep living your fucking life.

I don’t know how this is gonna shake out, Ghosties. I wish I did, but I’m just like you- I don’t have any fucking idea. Hopefully, we can all make the choice to not panic and this thing will die out in a couple months so we can get that precious stock market back on fucking track. Or, we go batshit about it and it sticks around, spreads further, and fucking ends up mutating into “28 Days Later” territory faster than Bone Thugs-N-Harmony can rap the pledge of allegiance.

Your call folks, so what’s it gonna be?


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