Another week is under way in America. Another day is beginning, for me here in the ATL it’s a cloudy one, probably gonna rain later. Shitty for running but fantastic for the new grass in the backyard, and it ALSO means I don’t have to stand there for an hour watering that shit today so small as it might be, I’ll take the victory.

There’s not a lot of THAT shit to go around right now anyway. Appreciate it whenever it comes.

There’s NOT, after all. Unless your name is Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, or Elon Musk you’re not exactly stacking up the wins in 2020. Speaking for myself? My day job is still going nowhere and I’m somewhere around 10 months away from telling that place to fuck off forever, nobody’s reading THIS shit, I’m pretty sure (like a hard 90%) I had COVID-19 back in December and my body has felt like it’s falling apart ever since, and America has backslid SPECTACULARLY into almost complete and total chaos surrounding our handling of the pandemic.

It’s like a no-fly zone for happiness, and like most of you, wherever and whoever you may be- I’m desperately trying to hold my shit together every day and some days it works, and some days it doesn’t. They’re talking about reopening the schools around here while we’re one of the worst states for increasing cases, and not to mention the fact that they’ve determined the virus is airborne. I don’t think schools will stand a fucking SHRED of a chance of opening to tell the truth, and I really don’t know if they should anyway. We’re not real jazzed about putting our kids out into this shit, in public schools that are completely incapable of dealing with everything they’re gonna need to deal with, but if they DO open we may not have a choice.

I’m sure one, or both of our employers will force us into some kind of situation we’re not comfortable with and I know damn near everyone is in the same position as we are. It’s fucking gross, and I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go with this shit today but I am now.

Feel free to print this out for your dartboard. Also, go buy a dartboard.

If only because I haven’t heard anyone talking about this particular point.

Millions of people in America go to work every day, for companies large, small, and everywhere in between. We’re told to work hard, do our best, and we’ll achieve the “American Dream”. Some of us get lucky and start businesses that succeed, some of us end up billionaires, but the vast majority of adult humans are just lucky to be able to have a fucking income. Sad but true. Side note: I have never been able to say “sad but true” without hearing the Metallica song ever since the first time I heard it. It’s playing in my head right now in fact.

K, moving on. SO- we work, we toil, and we watch our lives get shorter while we suffocate inside their cubicles. We give away our lives so we can have enough money to live, while other people get richer off of our labor than we’ll ever be. We wonder how we will keep the lights on, while the people signing the checks decide which Mercedes to drive to the office tomorrow. We go without so our kids don’t have to, and nobody gives a shit about us. America, the Beautiful. Family values. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, suck it up, and work until you fucking fall over.

Don’t kid yourself, they’ve stolen the American Dream and turned it into a fucking nightmare.

Work to produce products, so you can make enough money to consume products, and repeat until death. that’s what we’ve collectively decided life should look like. Free market rules, he who dies with the most toys wins, blah, blah, fucking blah. We live our lives as sentient vessels for capitalism, and some of us even convince ourselves we fucking LIKE this shit. It’s a lie, being sold to us as God’s chosen way of life, and in case you’re unsure of where I stand at this point- I think it’s all fucking garbage and one of the greatest human tragedies there will ever be. We’re nothing but drones, working in a hive, to provide the queen with riches while we beg for scraps from the table.

Here’s where I’m going with this, cause I know I’ve said a lot of this shit before. We do all this, we give of ourselves until we’re too old and MAYBE we can manage to retire and walk on a fucking beach a little bit before we shed this mortal coil. We give, and we give, and we give to the system. We pay taxes, we pay into social security, we vote for our leaders, we play the fucking game.

When shit hits the fan though? We’re on our fucking own. No help, no protection, jack fucking shit. We pay into a system that, when faced with a global crisis, does not protect us. It actively makes shit worse in fact, as evidenced by the fact that out of EVERY FUCKING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD we have handled the pandemic the WORST. Other countries? I don’t know how it goes EVERYWHERE but I know that plenty of other countries have shit in place to protect people’s paychecks, to keep their lights on, and to make sure everyone gets through this shit without ending up on the street. Not here, America likes to ACT like it cares about its people but don’t be a fucking idiot- America doesn’t give a FUCK about us, our kids, or our fucking paychecks. In fact, getting rid of a few hundred thousand of us isn’t much of a big deal if it means we can keep that precious fucking economy going! Fuck humans, CASH IS KING!

The cops aren’t the only pigs with their knees on our necks.

We fucking break our backs, we take their shit so we can provide for our families, we do these soulless jobs for next to nothing and all the while we are directly funding a government that has done nearly NOTHING to protect us. So what the FUCK are we doing all this for then? Why the fuck do we pay into a government that doesn’t care enough to shut shit down, guarantee our paychecks for a couple months, and handle this fucking shit like a country that actually gives a shit about its own people? Why do we tell ourselves that their “dream” is anything but a tool to lock us into jobs we hate, to pay mortgages on houses some of us will never own, so we can fill them with products we don’t need?

Why have we reduced ourselves to servitude? Why don’t we do anything about it? Why don’t we want to CHANGE THIS SHIT?! Is this REALLY the best we can do? Thousands of years of human history and THIS is the best we can do? We’re the only confirmed sentient life forms in the entire fucking universe and this is it? Fuck.

Only “I” is us and “hell” is America.

Our leaders? They don’t give a fuck about us. Employers? They love to TALK like they care about us with all that “we’re like a family!” bullshit, but trust me- you’re not a fucking family. They’ll cut you loose to protect themselves in a heartbeat, like a fucking cartel informant, so you are NOT their family. The media? We’re just the zombies that perpetuate their 24-hour news cycle, stare slack-jawed at their bullshit sitcoms (not you, New Girl. I’m generalizing.), and buy their Sham-Wows cause we’re fucking desperate for something to silence the screaming inside of us that begs the question “WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING ALL THIS FOR ?!?!?!”

Someone needs to write “S.O.S.” on the whole fucking planet.

I guess that’s my big revelation this week, none of this shit is new information to me, or anyone with a fraction of a brain, but because I keep hearing about these other countries TAKING CARE OF THEIR PEOPLE I think it’s just caused me to look at it in a slightly different way. Another layer to the onion, if you will. We do all this shit, day in and day out, and we watch our money leave our paychecks to go to taxes, medical insurance, etc. and when the shit comes down- this country doesn’t do SHIT to have our backs, and I’m tired of pretending it’s OK.

It is NOT fucking OK. And I’m sorry, Beyonce, but fucking voting isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Please, everyone SHOULD go out and vote, but we’re still playing the same game. Might be a handful of less shitty people pulling the strings if we’re lucky, but it’s still the same fucking system. Two parties, fighting against each other, and our souls hang out in limbo while they discuss our futures over a fucking golf game. Apparently, we’re fucking powerless to actually FUNDAMENTALLY change how this shit works, and they’ll do everything they can to stop us too. America’s founding ideal, when you strip away all the “rocket’s red glare” bullshit, is to keep the elite rich and powerful and the rest of us feed the machine. That’s it, that’s the gig.


Jesus Christ, our fucking Constitution was written by a bunch of fucking SLAVE OWNERS, you DO know that right? Yeah. It’s true. So the whole fucking thing has been shit since it started, and we’ve been too stupid to actually fucking do anything about it the whole time too. We’re protesting right now, and I think it’s fucking great, but there is SO MUCH more work to be done and racism is somehow only the tip of the iceberg. Classism, elitism, nationalism, healthcare, reproductive rights, education, police reform, sexism, ignorance, making sure Cage the Elephant disappears forever- the list of shit we need to be fixing is long, but take a look at racism and these shitty fucking cops for now.

How much change is going to come from this current wave of protests? I’m ashamed to say that it probably won’t be much. Certainly not ENOUGH, and definitely not much. I wish that wasn’t the truth, but if there’s one thing human society is great at it’s being terrified of people with different skin color than their own and as long as there’s a mouth breather with a can of Bud Light in his hands somewhere talking about how he’s a part of the “master race” the disgusting pathogen that is racism will continue to infect this world until the fucking sun burns out and turns the whole planet into an ice cube. Fuck it, we’re already frozen in fucking time anyway. Why change?

It’s fucking uncomfortable, but it’s fucking TRUE.

I don’t know what it’ll take to stamp out racism for good, but I know we need to keep fucking trying to figure it out. My point is just that even with all this unrest, the amount of tangible change is going to be next to nothing until we fundamentally change EVERYTHING. The whole system- capitalism, religion, partisan politics, greed, I mean- I could go on forever, I truly could. Everything about how the world works, the world that WE FUCKING CREATED, is broken. It’s not a hairline fracture either, it’s a fucking global fault line.

There is an incalculable amount of work to be done for us to end up with a world that functions to lift up ALL people, regardless of race, sexual/gender orientation, income, shoe size, thread count, whatever. Right now, we’re all just funneling cash into a system that looks at us as “human capital’, so you tell me- is it worth it? Is it working for you and your family? Do you feel justified knowing that you’re paying into a system that has abandoned you and your children? Do you see a happy world moving into the future with shit staying as-is?

I cannot believe anyone would answer any of those questions with a “yes”, I know some dips hits out there probably would, but if you’re ANYTHING like me then I know where you’re at. This system, this society, this elitist, totalitarian, fucking nightmare planet we’re stuck on is fucked from the bottom up. Take a look around, it’s fucking JULY 2020. More than half of an entire year has now passed, and it’s been a constant barrage of failure, anxiety, violence, sickness, death, and crippling uncertainty. So much darkness, and almost nobody offering a light. I’m proud when I see a throng of people with their fists in the air, I just know it’s not going to bear the fruit we need it to. The whole thing needs to be torn down and rebuilt to serve and protect everyone. No bullying, no hatred, no bullshit. A world where everyone is safe from harm, safe from persecution, and free from the oppression of capitalism and its machinations of destruction.

I’m not here to soapbox like I have all the fucking answers, either.

Cause I don’t know shit, I don’t know WHAT it will take to fix this fucking world. We can’t even agree on the fact that we’re fucking up our own CLIMATE, when it’s pretty fucking clear that we are to anyone with something grey in their skull. We can’t even fucking get on the same page about NOT KILLING EACH OTHER, so I don’t know. All bets have been off for a long time, and I hold approximately 0% of the answers. I’m not here to be an authority, I don’t even think you could really call me an activist, I’m just a person who has decided to share his brain with the world cause I’m arrogant enough to think some people might like what I have to say. That’s it, I’m nothing special and I’m certainly not doing a fraction of what some people are. I just know that this shit is not fucking working, for me or any of us.

If we’re going to continue giving of ourselves to keep this machine moving, shouldn’t we at least get a little fucking grease for the wheels once in a while? Shouldn’t we be protected when shit like a global pandemic kicks off? Shouldn’t we at least be able to feel like we’re a part of a society that serves to lift us up, instead of to grind us down?

I think you know the answer to those questions, otherwise you’d be watching Fox News right now instead of reading my shit. Yuck, even just TYPING “Fox News” makes me feel like a pile of diarrhea. Great way to start the day! Alright, rant over, I’ve just been thinking in slightly different terms for a little while now. Same ideals, but I had the distinct realization that our government has provided us almost NO protection from the hardships caused by this pandemic, yet we pay their salaries with our taxes and we work to keep a system going that doesn’t give a shit about us. I just wanted to make sure I posed the question of “is it really worth it?” and if your answer is “no” then there MUST be others. Maybe we will all find each other and topple this crumbling society to find a new way, I’d like that to happen anyway. I’m here, and if you’re anything close to with me on this shit let me know. For now, I’m gonna go try to squeeze something decent out of this day and I hope you do the same. Stay safe, stay healthy, and wear a fucking mask.


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