I might not know shit about shit, but while I’m out here cosplaying relevance I figured I’d throw my two cents into the ring. Fuck it. Literally nobody asked for it, but nobody asked those pricks to sing “Imagine” to us like they were bathing us in angel cum either so you can suffer my shit for a handful of minutes too.

If not ONE single person uses the previous paragraph for their wedding vows I’m going to be very upset.

Let’s cut the shit- where the fuck do I start? Let’s open with a terrible joke: “Hey guys and gals! Remember the time there was a global pandemic that our government botched the response to on an epic scale and while still reeling from THAT scenario some racist white dipshit who’s mom is probably very disappointed right now decided to kneel on the neck of a black man who wasn’t resisting arrest until he fucking died on motherfucking video and the whole world erupted into mass protest, unrest, and more uncertainty than you can shake a fucking bag of frosted animal crackers at?”

“Oh wait, that’s NOW!”

See, terrible. Can’t call THIS guy a liar. By the way, if you’ve never known the pleasure of frosted animal crackers I’m here to tell you to head to your nearest grocery store right now, grab two bags of them, and take those munchies to the heavens my Ghosties. Why two bags? Cause you’ll FaceJam (trademark pending) the first bag and be the precise opposite of stoked that you’re all out of this newfound delicacy. Protect yourself, buy two fucking bags and thank me later.

Focus your rage, Aaron.

Fuck you, I’ll throw a cookie recommendation up in the mix with my exposition of dissent if I so fucking choose. My brain, my rules, plus I’m paid up on my hosting for like a billion fucking years so to drinkers of haterade- get fucked. I was gonna try to be a little more verbose but that covers it so well, every time.

Anywho, you’re gonna want to sit down for this- black people in America are sick of their fates, the fates of their families, and the fates of their children being dictated to them by people who stacked the deck when they wrote the fucking rules. Shocked? Yeah, me neither. Motherfuckers might have freed the slaves, but they did NOT make shit equal. Not by a fucking thousand light years. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

I think we’re all living in Exhibit A right now.

We all know it, and those lucky ones of us who aren’t complete genetic mishaps hate it to be true, but it’s always been there regardless. No matter how many “totally black friends” you have that shit lives under the surface of everything in America, like when a fucking cat pisses on a rug- that shit STAINS eternally and smells like hopelessness for fucking EVER.

I don’t know if that was a good metaphor, but I’m also fairly high on the weed right now so forgive me if absolutely none of this makes any sense. Racism is everywhere, and if you don’t see it you’re a fucking idiot. There! That’s as direct as it gets, haven’t lost my marbles entirely just yet. Here’s a little exercise for you: how many times have you seen someone lock their car door because you were walking by? If the answer is 0, then you’re probably not black in America. Furthermore, if you don’t have the capacity to acknowledge that fact, care about it deeply, and actively seek to change it by whatever means possible then you’re just breathing air that perfectly NOT shitty people could be breathing and it’s making me angry. Give us back our fucking air and fuck off.

I’ve been torn about this next thing since “Apocalypse 2.0” kicked off- should we talk to our kids (almost 3 and 5) about racism and why all this is happening? I’ve seen a lot of chatter about it floating around, and in true American fashion it’s a very sharply divided argument. I’m not gonna linger on it either, cause I super don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about how we do shit in our own fucking house. That being said, we’ve decided to NOT talk to them about it for now.

I very badly wanted to NOT clarify this shit, just to be a dick, but I decided to cave and explain.

Here’s the thing- our kids aren’t stupid. They can tell they are looking at a white person, or a black person, or Big Bird, or you get the fucking point. They just don’t give a shit. Not one, not one solitary shit. They have friends from all fucking over the place, in a rainbow of colors, and they’ve never once even given a thought to care about the differences. They’re just kids, jazzed to have friends, being little humans that are VASTLY better than us in every conceivable way.

The way we see it, it’s a “don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit” situation. This world presents all kinds of darkness to these kids before they’re anything close to old enough to deal with it, and if my kids can be little beacons of light and tolerance without me having to point them in any certain direction I’ll be thrilled off my face. That’ll be mean I did my fucking job, and raised them in such a way as to lead them into adulthood with no use, frame of reference, or desire for hate and that would make me extremely proud.

Before anyone gets all “mrrrrggggghhh” about it, we have obviously had conversations with out kids about this stuff, it’s just nothing we had to put a ton of effort into cause they already pretty much got it. They completely understand why bullying is bad, they completely understand that everyone is different in some way, and they understand that love is the most important thing in the world and that if all you are in a day is kind- then it’s a good fucking day.

That’s it, that’s where we stand right now. If they asked, we’d gladly sit down with them and hash it out, there just hasn’t been a fucking need. We don’t have fucking cable, they’re too young to be messing around on the internet, and if my highest crime this year is sheltering my children from all the darkness a little bit longer then you’ll excuse me for not giving a flying blue fuck what anyone thinks about it.

Anyone who says “you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar” has obviously never had bomb-ass fish & chips.

For now, they enjoy such things as Peppa Pig, bouncing in giant bouncy things, and snuggling before school so we’re gonna hang onto that for a little while longer. If they ask, we’ll tell, but until that day comes we’ll be here, enjoying our non-threatening, inclusive of all humans, beautiful cause they look like us minus the odd decade of regret and Camel Lights children and if that’s not to your liking Tucker Carlson’s studio is the door to your LEFT.

It would normally go without saying, but it absolutely MUST be said now that The Ghost Generation stands proudly and defiantly with Black Lives Matter and every wonderful soul out there fighting for the non-Confederate flag waving portion of humanity. Like I said, nobody fucking asked for our stance on this shit, but they don’t pay me the big bucks for my quietude so I figured I’d chime in.

There was a broader point to why I mentioned the thing with my kids specifically, and it’s this- we have the fucking OPTION to not raise these topics with our kids, black parents do not. We can be comforted in the knowledge that we’re not raising racist kids. Black parents though? They can’t rest on SHIT, cause WE might not be raising racist kids but a fuck of a lot of OTHER white people ARE. That’s not “white guilt”, that’s just the fucking truth.

I feel strongly about a lot of things in our world right now, and I’d love to see them ALL be addressed while we’re shaking shit up- but we need to focus on one thing for now. Racism. It must be eradicated, it must not be tolerated, and it absolutely MUST not be swept under the rug with the cat piss anymore. It’s a scar that this thieving-ass country will never recover from, or the world for that matter, but it is time to try. Get our fingers out of our white asses and fucking level the playing field for good. Forever, for good, forever, forever, forever.

White people stole this country from the people who called it home before they made a fucking wrong turn and showed up with their fleet of oppression ships to shit all over history and an entire FUCKING NATION OF PEOPLE. Then what did we do? We said “fuck all this work shit!” and stole ACTUAL FUCKING PEOPLE from Africa to do it all for us. When that gravy train ran dry, we told them they were “free” only to be subjugated by the very country they built with their super-threatening muscles and relegated to depending on social programs we abandoned just so they could have a chance to stand on their own two fucking feet as equal human beings. And the worst part is, we did it out of spite. Fucking pigs, every last one of them. Fuck Thomas Jefferson, fuck Benjamin Franklin, fuck every last one of the slave owning pieces of elitist shit that built this place I was born into on lies and bigotry.

Anyone out there spouting this “all lives matter” shit never had an ancestor be PURCHASED by anyone.

Fuck this country, fuck this system, fuck capitalism, fuck racism, fuck the whole god damn thing. Fuck the flag, fuck the government, and fuck “heritage not hate”. Fuck “all lives”, you had your fucking turn. A motherfucker drove his KNEE INTO SOMEONES NECK UNTIL THEY DIED, ON PURPOSE, AND THAT MAN WAS AN OFFICER OF THE FUCKING “LAW”. HIS NAME WAS GEORGE FLOYD AND HE WAS A FATHER, AND SOMEBODY’S SON.

Black people are angry, and black people SHOULD be angry. They DESERVE to be angry. Everyone should be angry, but they DESERVE to be angry. They’ve earned it thanks to us, so the least we can do is lift a fucking finger to help. Bare minimum for the kids ditching class? DON’T BE RACIST. Call that a fantastic jumping-off point. There’s more work to be done than we might ever be able to finish, but we MUST try. Fuck color, as a HUMAN race, as a planet full of lives trying to find love, happiness, and acceptance amidst a torrential downpour of bullshit, deception and ignorance. Fuck it all, let’s rip off ALL the fucking Band-Aids. Our government has essentially glossed over an ongoing pandemic at this point, we’re marching by the thousands, we’re being called “human capital”- I’ll tell you this much, we’re gonna have to dismantle a fuck of a lot more than the fucking cops to get rid of institutional racism but it’s a start. You start peeling back layers and it’s abundantly clear that almost every bedrock of American society is steeped in like twelve layers of elitist, classist, racist bullshit. It’s disgusting, I really don’t even know what words to use to properly express how vile of a society we’ve created and that’s a snow-leopard level rarity in itself.

There’s been SO much going on, my head is almost always spinning. Our daughter turned five today, our lives have been more stressful than ever, and the world has been burning from the inside out. Point is, I’m well aware that I’ve been writing a touch less than usual and I’m probably in NO position to be doing that shit right now but FUCK ME- some days my brain is so fully fucked from the hailstorm of shit bombarding it every five seconds that I just can’t process it like I would “normally”. I’m forgiving myself for it, you should too. The world is in a great deal of pain right now, and if you’re NOT walking around in some form of sadness, confusion, or full-blown rage then I don’t wanna fucking know you- cause you’re fucking bananas.

I don’t know who cares, I don’t know all the answers, I don’t know nearly anything. I know the only thing surprising me is that we didn’t collectively get sick of this shit and let the pot boil over WAY sooner than this but that doesn’t matter. Fuck hindsight, this moment is here RIGHT NOW. Anyone else hear the Van Halen song after reading that? I know one or two of you assholes HAD to, don’t be shy. I’m getting tired as shit, I’m still pretty high, and all I know is that I wanted to get myself back into the groove of gracing you all with my divine verbosity more frequently and I also wanted to make sure that we were on the level and you knew where we stood with everything going on right now. Fuck Trump, fuck shitty cops, and motherfucking FUCK the system they built to hold down the people they whipped in their fucking fields so they could sip Arnold Palmers in their fucking rocking chairs. Motherfuck that, all of it.

I’m white, but I swear it’s not my fault. My white mom and my white dad fucked and POOF! There I was, much to the shock and disappointment of my father, and yet another little white motherfucker with a bowl cut was unleashed upon the world. Believe me, if I would have been given the luxury to make pre-birth choices I’m rock-ass solid sure that being born in Decatur, Illinois would be high as a motherfucker on the list of shit I’d have edited prior to exiting the birth canal. There’s jack shit I can do about it, but what I CAN do is be an example. I can choose to live for love, light, and equality and I can choose to fight for it in whatever way I see fit. I can choose to raise children free from hate, I can choose to acknowledge the privilege inherent in said whiteness but to also not revel in it, and I can choose to use my voice to effect positive change in the world around me.

That’s what the fuck we’re gonna be doing, what about you? Remember, every small step counts, and when “black guy running” is cause enough for someone to die in this country there really ISN’T any such thing as a small step is there?


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