When Life Is Hard, It Helps To Cling To Illusion

When Life Is Hard, It Helps To Cling To Illusion

Life is hard for most. The lucky few have smiles on their faces all day and don’t have a care in the world. Stop for a second and tell me how many people you know like that. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. So, when life is hard, it helps to cling to illusion. That could be in the form of a well curated social media world, or a shopping obsession or an innate need to give your children everything you never had.

However, most of the time, your kids just need a hug and to be told they’re loved.

Every product out there is trying to help you live your best life, it’s how we market them and get your attention – the illusion if you will. This one makes your lips fuller, this dress will make you appear thinner, this ab roller will give you a six-pack in just 5 minutes a day! But how many of them are telling the truth? Most are just trying to get you to shell out a quick buck but there are some companies that believe in their products so much that they’re just bursting to get them into your hands so you can feel the magic working.

Just before I set out to create bath and skincare products I finished a trilogy of books, “Caraval”, by Stephanie Garber. It was filled with fantastical imagery, so real it made you feel like you were really there. It inspired me enough that I wanted to create magic. Some of my friends might even say I was capable of doing so. I am the first daughter of the first daughter of the first daughter, as far back as five generations. We are slightly witchy, with signs that happen with no warning, actions that people feel are old wives tales that do come true, but more importantly, we all have had an affinity for reading tarot. Whether good or bad, I would read for my girlfriends, sometimes after a long night of drinking at 2:00 a.m. and assuage their fears that they would find a good man, or get that career-changing job (even if The Tower card would show up in their immediate future and I knew the trajectory they were currently on would lead to sadness). In my 40s now, it’s still something that I do occasionally, feeling the tingles in my fingertips as I fan through the cards.

Which leads me to our bath and skincare products. I wanted something for everyone that was fun and sparkly and that would not cause rashes or leave you with dry skin. I wanted magic in little doses. And so, I set out to create.

Vegan dyes, and glitter and kokum butter, oh my

Liquid Luck anyone?

Are our products magic? Depends on how you look at them. Are our solid lotions capable of reducing scars that have been prevalent for decades to white lines? Do our bath bombs make you feel like you’re bathing in a tub in a castle fit for a princess, complete with glitter and scents that are heady? If you close your eyes, will our shower steamers change the very way you’re thinking at that moment? Yes to all. Do my fingertips tingle a little bit before I start making these things? Yes they do. Should I maybe get that checked out by a doctor and have it chalked up to poor circulation? Nah.

Illusion helps us all get from sunrise to sundown. Endlessly scrolling on social media only gives us what we COULD have, not what we actually have. But you can ACTUALLY have our products, just by visiting our store. You can actually physically relax yourself, get rid of dry skin that makes you want to show it off instead of hiding behind long layers of clothing, pucker up that kisser of yours with cocoa butter that sinks into the skin effortlessly and makes anyone who comes to kiss you think of chocolate chip cookies. All because, there’s a little magic in them. But you’ll have to buy one of our products to get a little bit of the magic for yourself. You deserve it. – Laura

And finally, here’s our playlist for the week:

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