There are moments I have been incredibly proud to be an English woman living abroad. The 2012 Summer Olympics. The rise of the younger generation of the Royal Family, calling attention to mental health issues and children in need. The big box from of delicious English food that AFH tried for the first time. During this time of uncertainty though and frankly ridiculous press conferences where the leaders of our country aren’t leading OR making us feel better at all, here comes a speech from a classy broad asking for us all to pull together:

Fancy that. Pulling together, telling people they’re doing a good job, saying we’ll see better times once again. It’s what we SHOULD be getting out of our leaders, making AFH and I question what we’re even doing living in this country as it’s making us miserable. However, that’s a question for another time as for the next year to 18 months our world will be getting back on its feet again.

I will tell you one thing about this work from home schedule. We have time for the kids, chores are done, laughter is rampant within these walls, sleep is abundant and commutes are completely non-existent (unless you count walking to my desk every day – sure beats the fucking hour it used to take me to drive one way). The funny thing is, I’m probably getting more done at home then I ever was in the office and I’m closer with my family because of it.

To all of you out there who are scared: self-isolate and look around at your family. Be thankful for what you have. Save as much as you can just in case you’ll need it in the coming months. Make each other laugh. We’ll all come out of this one day hopefully better people, understanding that capitalism shouldn’t be the thing that keeps us going and isn’t something that should make us risk our lives every day. Maybe our “return to normal” should be questioned. In the words of the leader of the Commonwealth, “We will succeed and that success will belong to everyone of us.”

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