We felt helpless this week. Yet another injustice with the death of George Floyd (which follows swift on the heels of the brutal death of Ahmaud Arbery) happened on our watch and America is FUCKING MAD, which, damn right we are. We have a leader who’s not a leader but a big baby who points fingers and surrounds himself with sycophants. We have a justice system that’s rigged. And we have a pandemic that we’re all dealing with. So we’re angry, we’re scared and we’re just trying to get through each day.

AFH and I couldn’t protest in Atlanta this past weekend – it just wasn’t going to happen from a safety aspect and the fact that we have two young kids and that’s not really the arena you bring them to. AFH was chomping at the bit to go help, I had a text from a friend who was in a similar position. My response at the time was “Let’s vote and get these fuckers out of here.” But I also came across this AMAZING article on Fast Company that gives you many more ways to help support the Black Lives Matter movement (click here to read more).

Donate to your local Black Lives Matter chapter, donate to a bail fund, sign a petition, DO SOMETHING. I know we all feel helpless right now but it’s better to do something than nothing at all. I want a better future for ALL kids, not just my own. I want it so that nobody looks at color of skin, that everyone’s kind to each other, that we take care of each other. It’s fucking 2020 – this shouldn’t still be happening.

So, today, if you do nothing else at all, donate to Black Lives Matter and register to vote. This November it will be the single most important thing you do all year. – FemaleGG

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