Back to the lab

Back to the lab

It’s swiftly approaching Fall here and, even though the temperatures are still in the 70s and 80s, we’re already highly anticipating pumpkin scents and cool air. Because of this, I decided to head “back to the lab” today and start thinking about a new recipe for lip balm. When temperatures drop and strong winds smack the crap out of you, lips are often the first to be affected and no one wants to have dry, flaky lips.

Ew, you nasty!

I mean, that’s a reaction that most people want to avoid. So, I got together some NEW ingredients that we haven’t used yet to see if I could make something that people would obsess over.

The before picture

I decided to make this lip balm with unrefined cocoa butter as it’s incredibly moisturizing and has the added benefit of locking moisture in better than most butters. Plus it has this ridiculously phenomenal chocolate scent that makes you want to eat it (but you shouldn’t, because that’s like eating a ball of wax). Either way, it gave me the Autumn feels right away. I added soy wax so that it wouldn’t be a gloopy mess and Vitamin E oil plus Rosehip Seed oil – both of which lock in moisture, hydrate skin, reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity. Got to have those lips on point. Finally, I added some Vanilla essential oil so that the overall scent from this was just like a chocolate chip cookie. SO. AMAZING.

After melting everything down, pouring into 1/4 oz containers and letting the mixture harden, I ended up with this:

Hello my pretty!

I’ll be spending the week testing it as we come up with a name and new product labels but as soon as it’s up on our store we’ll let you know! Get ready for a whole bunch of new in the next month as we’ll have a pretty big announcement coming your way in the next few weeks. In the meantime, have yourself an amazing week and we’ll be coming back with our playlists next week. – Laura

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