Today is 3/11. I wanted to write about the band 311 but AFH expressly forbade it, spouting some shit like, “No website of mine will have shitty…bands…” I stopped listening. Now, let’s be honest, 311 is a FUN band. Great fucking rhythm section (shoutout to P-Nut and Chad Sexton) but upon a recent listening, their lyrics suck.

Amber is the color of your energy? Fuck off.

I spent a good bit of my late teens and early 20s going to every 311 show in Northern California and their Music album (and subsequent live album) still hold up surprisingly. When I say “hold up”, I mean as something fun, not as something I would spend money on today.

As I’ve mentioned on several occasions, I have a REALLY long commute and so podcasts and Spotify have become my companions while driving through rural Georgia. I recently decided to do a deep dive on two of my favorite bands:

These are the Beastie Boys. Pick up their book and instantly be a better person for reading it.

I LOVE these men. AFH and I walked out to Sabotage for the first time as a married couple. I remember the night the “Fight For Your Right” video premiered in England over 30 years ago. I was lucky enough to see them live. Put on Paul’s Boutique and you tell me that it doesn’t hold up and that you don’t feel like a motherfucking badass driving with “Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun” blasting from your speakers.

In a world where the next generation down from me doesn’t know who Missy Elliott is and thinks that Travis Scott is a genius, I urge anyone to do a deep dive to understand where “hip hop artists” of today came from (and yes, I DID mean to put quotes around that) and who they were influenced by. I mean, I know I’m asking for a lot. Boozy trap beats and auto-tune is the norm today, nobody’s doing anything new, and I’m coming across like an old lady because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Well, back in my day…

I mean, how did this happen? I’m not even 40 and all of a sudden, I feel like my parents, “What the hell is that music you’re listening to?” streaming through my head. Pop music is always going to be disposable, no matter which decade we’re in, but every morning before the bluetooth on my phone kicks in and I have an unfortunate few minutes of listening to the radio, I sit there and say, “WHAT THE FUCK IS ON THE RADIO RIGHT NOW!?” HOW THE FUCK IS MAROON 5 STILL FUCKING GOING BY BASICALLY RELEASING THE SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AGAIN? WHICH GIRL IS THIS? THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME!

Fuck. Which leads me to the other band that calms me down:

This is A Tribe Called Quest. To quote Biggie, “If you don’t know, now you know.”

“Midnight Marauders” is a perfect album. “Find A Way” is a perfect song. If you want to legitimately blow your speakers with too much bass, play anything from “The Low End Theory.” Fall in love with Phife Dawg and his wonderful lyrics. If you want to have fun party time, dance around to Q-Tip’s “Vivrant Thing.” Better yet, listen to “Get It Together” by the Beastie Boys featuring Q-Tip. See what I did there? WORLDS COLLIDE!!!

I hold out hope that all of this will come full circle and that one day we’ll come back to artists that are writing and producing legitimate art, something that makes my eyes go wide and make me want to listen to it 87 times in a row. In the meantime, I have the Beasties and ATCQ to keep me company. Happy 311 day 😀 – FemaleGG

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  1. 311’s album “Soundsystem” made up for all the terrible crap that came out after Grassroots. It was a return to their roots (pardon the pun) but also a fucking masterpiece….no kidding. It’s like Hendrix came back to life and was smoked by Santana then brain-farmed directly into 311’s heads. It was the “mature” album they were always capable of and given the timeline, a correction away from the commercial b.s. they were attempting previously. I stopped at that album and haven’t listened to anything any more recent. I probably should though. It’s probably one of the most underrated albums ever, next to Blind Melon “Soup.”

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