When I realized I had three games to write about that all started with the letter B I was overjoyed. Any day where I can make a topical and relevant Wu Tang Clan reference is a good fucking day. R.I.P ODB.

Anywho, the world seems to be crashing down around us so I’m gonna get right to the point on this one. Three games, starting with B, that are all rad in their own way and are all SUPER low-key, fun games that don’t require a ton of explanation. You have toilet paper to stockpile after all, cause priorities.

So enjoy this mini-review style feature on three dope games that all start with B, let’s get to it before we all get quarantined.


Leading things off and taking the top spot this time around is Battlesloths. yeah, that’s right- fucking BATTLESLOTHS. Battlesloths (from Invisible Collective) is god damn amazing, completely bananas, and 100% fun. If there’s a story here I’m pretty sure it’s just about sloths fighting for all the pizza and that’s fine by me. Don’t bore us, get to the chorus- this one is ALL about the gameplay and what’s here is kick-ass from top to bottom.

Never fuck with a sloth and his pizza.

This is a four-player, local multiplayer, twin-stick shooter, melee-weapons included free for all. Your goal is to kill all the other sloths arena-style, meet some objectives, and get that motherfuckin’ pizza. That’s it. There’s no fat on this ribeye, it’s just sweet-ass meat.

You’re being gross, Aaron.

Fuck you, me- I’ll be as gross as I want! Moving on, what’s remarkable about Battlesloths is that 99.9999999% of the time these multiplayer-focused games suck out loud for us single-player folks. We always get the short end of the stick and there’s usually no content, no longevity, and we end up feeling like we wasted our hard-earned cash on that icon we’ll never click again.

Not fucking this one! The single-player content here is STUPID fun, with different goals, objectives, and weapons to test your mettle with. there’s a really fantastic amount of fun content to play through and I’m STILL going back to try to get the coveted 3 star rating on most of the levels. The difficulty is challenging but not “smash your face with a hammer” tough, the pixel art is rad as shit, and the whole package is smile-inducing to the core. I realize now that there have been a lot of hyphenated phrases in this article thus far, and I’m realizing that who cares.

Battlesloths is dope. That’s all you need to know.

Invisible Collective has brought a FINE multiplayer game to the Switch, but it also shines SUPER bright in single-player and it doesn’t hurt that twin-stick shooters are my fave genre either. Battlesloths rules, and this one gets a GLOWING recommendation from yours truly. –$9.99/eShop


Another game getting a glowing recommendation from your truly is Brotherhood United (from Greedy Hollow, Myoubouh Corp, and Silesia Games respectively). Again, there isn’t a hell of a lot to talk about here and that’s NOT a bad thing. Everything does NOT need to be a 150 hours-long epic, sometimes all it takes is some arcade-ass running and gunning. That’s what ya got here! Your buddy got kidnapped and it’s your job to shoot bad guys and take down bosses to get him back.

They only LOOK cute.

It’s all VERY old-school arcade in execution and it’s awesome. You have 20 levels w/three sub-quests each, 8 big-ass bosses to blow to smithereens, rad weapons, customization, killer music, and super fun gameplay. No fat, no visual novel storytelling, just run and gun awesomeness akin to Metal Slug or Alien Hominid.

Comparisons to Alien Hominid are HIGH praise indeed.

Alien Hominid is the shit. Period. I fell in love with that game before I even ever played it cause I love dope-ass cute aliens. Stitch is my dude, and so is Alien Hominid. That game was hard as balls though, and thankfully Brotherhood United (while not a walk in the park) dials that shit down enough to be a LITTLE less anger-inducing. You’ll die a lot, but the penalty is minimal and I’m already thinking about diving back into the game to see if I can do a better job on run #2.

Big-ass bosses are the name of the game here.

The pixel art is simple but well done, the controls are nice and tight, and it’s budget priced on the eShop so there’s absolutely NO reason for you not to be buying it with one hand while you scroll through the rest of this article.-$8.99/eShop


What’s with knights and garden tools? We have Shovel Knight, who is clearly irrationally obsessed with digging holes, and now we have Bucket Knight (from Sometimes You). If you’re following along with The Ghost Generation, you’ll know that FemaleGG and I are currently trying to pay off a fuckload of credit card debt. Bucket Knight has bills and shit too, so he’s trying to track down the Holy Grail of all things so he can sell it and cover some eShop purchases or whatever it is that he impulse bought.

Make your new T.V. look like an old T.V.!

Wanna talk about brevity? This fucker doesn’t even have text, everything in the game is told visually. That’s about as “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” as it gets guys! While the lack of explanation will be met with varying degrees of frustration by the attention-span challenged gamers of today, the retro-fanatics out there oughtta be lapping this shit up like a kitty at the milk bowl. This looks like a game that would have stood next to Donkey Kong in a 1980’s arcade, and it plays like one too. Running, jumping, and shooting are pretty much it. There are traps to avoid, food and loot to find, and a variety of weapons on tap to help you with said running, jumping, and shooting.

Bucket Knight made more sense than “Gardening Gloves Knight”.

Fuck a Korok Seed, I wanna shoot stuff!

It’s all a pretty short affair, but it’s a good time while it’s hanging out and Sometimes You is a developer that always has my attention. They take chances on weird shit, and they’ll always have a kindred spirit in me because of it. Keep it up guys, and to everyone else- this one is well worth the few bucks you’ll spend on it too!-$4.99/eShop

Damn SON, that was fast!

Well shit, that didn’t take long! Short and sweet does NOT mean “not good” folks. These three games are ALL worth a spot in your Switch indie library and I have a ton more to come as always. Thanks for reading, the world is in a crazy place and I appreciate you spending a little time with us. Stay safe, wash your fucking hands, and play some motherfucking video games.


Review codes graciously provided by Invisible Collective, Silesia Games, and Sometimes You.

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