Greetings Ghosties! It’s another cold-ass Thursday morning here in Atlanta and I wanted to update you guys about something real quick this morning. If you’ve been paying attention you know that I pumped the brakes on doing my video game reviews. Trying to get The Ghost Generation off the ground while also working full time, being a husband, and being a father is a lot of work on it’s own. Adding in the pressure of trying to finish games for reviews became a problem so I addressed it. That being said, that didn’t change the fact that I’m hugely passionate about video games, specifically of the indie and Switch variety, so I want to keep writing about them BUT- in a way that fits my life and doesn’t turn me into a literal ghost in my family’s life.

So, beginning with Shin’en Multimedia’s EXCELLENT looking game The Touryst, I’m going to be debuting a new format for my games-related stuff. I’m going to be doing more of a feature/editorial style article on games moving forward. Talking about why I like them, what I think is great (and not so great), and framing it all from the perspective of a super-busy married father of two. It takes the pressure off a little bit and allows me to do it more like I want to. You can get the same kind of reviews from a million places, I’m gonna do shit differently.

That’s it, just a quick update on a little reframing going on behind the scenes. Go back to avoiding work and drinking shitty coffee!

PS- A handful of games I was going to review got put on hold, they’ll be featured in an upcoming article so stay tuned!


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