Happy Fucking Friday Ghosties! Here in the ATL it’s gloomy and cold, or what I like to call “a beautiful day”! To help spread the cheer I wanted to let you guys know that my wonderful wife, the one who keeps me perpetually out of someone’s league, the ham sandwich to my 2 AM, the one who either ignores it when I sleep-fart or is just a damn good sport about the whole thing- will be jumping back into the fray and writing for The Ghost Generation again very soon!

The Leslie Knope to my Ben Wyatt.

Sometimes you just gotta know when to take a beat, she’s been super-busy with a new job and I’m OFF THE CHARTS proud of her, so now that things have somewhat leveled out she has a little more mental real estate to share.

I’m really excited about her first post she’s gonna be sharing with you guys too. We’ve already talked about toxic family members before, well- sometimes those toxic family members write passive-aggressive letters in a feeble attempt to “patch things up so everyone can pretend to love each other on holidays” and to “make it seem like they want to mend fences but really it’s to save face and bury their own guilt”. When this happens, the only thing for someone with a devilishly sarcastic and fiendishly creative mind like FemaleGG’s is to craft a devilishly sarcastic and fiendishly creative response and share it with you guys.

The word “Family” means “demonic windbag with Trump supporter boyfriend” in ancient Sumerian. Don’t look that up.

Names will be left out obviously, but this is her opportunity to say these things in the precise manner that she wants to, and in the process it’ll show you guys that you’re not the only ones dealing with fucked up people in your life. Cause you’re not, and around this time of year it can be easy to get a little bent out of shape about your shitty family situation. Don’t let that happen. Don’t beat yourself up because your family isn’t perfect. NO-FUCKING-BODY has a perfect family, so you HAVE to remember that you’re not the only one.

Merry Christmas, here’s your abandonment and rage.

Shit, I dealt with it myself yesterday- I’ve decided to not have my sister come over for Christmas this year because it will be MAYBE the third time we’ve seen her in all of 2019 and I’m tired of pretending for the sake of fucking holidays. We work hard as fuck, and when we get time off or the opportunity to celebrate and be thankful we’re gonna do it with people who are ACTUALLY IN OUR LIFE. This “play nice for the holidays” bullshit is stopping here, and naturally that decision comes with all the requisite guilting, bargaining, and mindfucking you’d imagine it would. My mother REALLY wants us to “be a family” but when she’s the only one who even bothers to be a part of our life, I can’t keep sitting here and feeding these non-committal flesh bags every fucking Christmas and pretending that I DON’T want to stick my tongue in an electrical socket.

So yeah- You’re not fucking alone, you are NOT a bad person for cutting out the shitty people in your life (blood or no blood), and we’re going to keep giving you the brutal honesty your heart desires about shit like this. Nobody else is, I can think of a small handful of people who REALLY tell it like it is out here (looking at you Renegade Mothering, you wonderful beacon of truth and elegantly placed dirty words!) so someone’s gotta do it.

The only thing under the rug should be Frito crumbs and those petrified bits of old shredded cheese that we ALL step on.

You work hard, you go out into the word every day and do this “adult” thing everyone is talking about, and you try to be the best fucking human you can be. Sometimes that just ain’t good enough for some people and it’s sad for THEM, to you. Don’t let THEIR dysfunction trick you into feeling bad about yourself. You? You’re fuckin’ RAD, Ghostie- we appreciate you being a part of The Ghost Generation’s fucked-up and beautiful family and you’ll be the first to know when FemaleGG’s return to internet glory is ready to be unleashed. Til then- Dance like the cops are watching, laugh like a clown on PCP, and live like Rip Taylor riding a surfboard in a tornado.

Damn the man, save the Empire.

And while you’re mentally checking out from work, you can also find Janelle & Renegade Mothering on the Twitters. Clickity-CLICK.


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